Back in my favourite airline lounge, Wellington Air NZ Koru to Wanaka for the Rippon vineyard 100 Years on the land, 30 vintages bash - over the long weekend...and what a weekend it will be, or as Rippon folks put it, "The coolest weekend in the last 100 years..." have to say, Jo and Nick Mills are the real ... read more >
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Had a quick lunch today at Loretta, Wellington...wanted to check it out, wow, most impressed, great space and balance between distressed look and modern clean lines and high-quality fit out. Its breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, wine bar, cafe and everything in between...bloody brilliant wine list, 40 eclectic offerings by the glass and 375ml carafe, all kept in perfect nick with ... read more >
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Having recently spent a few weeks on holiday in Wellington, New Zealand, I can report that we now know where the best Afghan biscuits are baked, and where the most incredible tomatoes and awesome Gin can be had—all of which have a fascinating history or story. ... read more >
Here we in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia, an hour north of Melbourne where we are enjoying the late afternoon sun at our friends country property. It’s been a gorgeously sunny day with the temperature around 28 degrees but there’s a wonderful cool breeze and we are thankful that it is not as hot as it normally is, getting up to the ... read more >
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Only a few more days and we will be off to the UK, heading up to Nottinghamshire first, we will be Glamping for a few days, then spending the weekend in Cambridge with my good friend Noel Young, of Noel Young Wines to which my liver will get a severe beating. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate is currently featured on with his intoxications, delusions, hallucinations and wanderings of delirium on duck and Chianti; be enlightened following the link ... read more >
You only have to look at the world’s stomach presently to get an idea how bad things really are with serious flatulence, verbal diarrhoea and parasitical prostration.    ... read more >
What a week! There are times when occupational hazard takes one to the absolute extremes of gastronomic limits. Nothwithstanding my considerable capacity – in all respects of consumption and girth – last week was testing the boundaries. ... read more >
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It would appear that the Kimchi Project Banggwi is far more potent than North Korean space technologists realized with the stage one Jangdokdae blowing the whole rocket to pieces. Rumours (and odours) coming from the North Korea underground nuclear test site suggest that the Banggwi technology is being adapted to uranium enrichment to develop the Mother of all Weapons of ... read more >
"Little Joseon, little Joseon, let me come in." "No, no, not by the hair on my ICBM." "Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your Imperialistic House in." ... read more >
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