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by Jodi and Greg Clarke (Great Ocean Ducks) Photography: Andy Zakeli

Notwithstanding my complete and utter fascination with all things ‘Duck’, here is the PEREFCT Christmas gift–for anyone– and for those who love cooking, especially ducks! Read More >

Christmas at Kilcarnup Beach

My good friend Terry Chellappah, a true Wandering Palate and contributor to our website, reports in from Kilcarnup Beach in Margaret River, Western Australia. He signals the weather is PERFECT as was the line-up of Champagne’s and those funny, salty little black eggs that come in a tin.

Good to see that he is celebrating Christmas in style, and certainly in a unique place.

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The Wandering Palates Wines for the Christmas Table
Many bottles of wines

These suggestions are purely personal and what we will be enjoying at the Wandering Palate Christmas table, although you are most welcome to follow the recommendations, or drop me a line if you need advice on your selection or sourcing.

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Must-Have Wine for the Christmas Table 2010

The Wandering Palate is heading to our Melbourne residence for the festive season and preparations for the Christmas day feast are already well in hand.

Priority of course is procuring the appropriate turkey, and I can tell you after enduring a commercial frozen turkey from the USA for the last three years here in Singapore, we are looking forward to a free-range, chemical-free, wholesome, flavoursome bird (one of the issues Singapore has yet to come to terms with) moreover, at a third of the price!

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Must Have Wine Accessory of the Year
Preserving open wine

So what do you get the wine enthusiast who seemingly has everything for Christmas? WINESAVE of course – so they can start their very own wine bar at home!

With the very nature of wine appreciably less intimidating nowadays and a growing familiarity amongst the populace, a glass of wine is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life around the world.

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Must-Have Wine Book of the Year

‘The Pearl of the Côte – the Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée’ – Allen Meadows of

Notwithstanding this touchstone book is the perfect Christmas present for Burgundy and pinot noir lovers, or all wine enthusiasts for that matter, it is imperative reading for anyone wanting to better understand the deep complexities of Burgundy and more specifically, the pinnacle of the region and the pinot noir grape, the appellation Vosne-Romanée – as Meadow’s puts it more evocatively, ‘The Pearl of the Cote’.

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Chef Luke Mangan drops in to Singapore for lunch

The Wandering Palate shouts celebrity Chef, Luke Mangan lunch at the Adam Park Food Court, total bill S$21.

Where do you go when one of world’s most celebrated chef’s drops in to Singapore and says, “Let’s have lunch”!  Take him to a hawker stall of course, for some wholesome local food.

And that’s precisely what we did, heading to my local, The Adam Park Food Court, and my favourite roti-prata stall.

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A cheese made just in time for Christmas
Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese from Jura Mountains, France

As we approach Christmas, one of my favourite cheeses comes in to production, Vacherin Mont d’Or – a exquisite washed-rind cow’s milk cheese from the Jura Mountains, France.

Only made in the winter months and perfectly timed for Christmas table after the turkey, it is presented in a spruce-wood box that keeps the cheese from oozing all over the place. Indeed, you need to use a spoon to get it safely on to your toasted country bread.

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Start Your Own Wine Bar at Home!

With the very nature of wine appreciably less intimidating nowadays and a growing familiarity amongst the populace, a glass of wine is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life around the world.

Today’s more self-assured, open-minded wine consumer has a considerably larger vinous world to explore with a myriad of regions, varieties and styles.

As any wine marketer will acknowledge, wine consumers are at their most inquisitive and adventurous in a restaurant environment or wine bar and willing to try something new, most likely served by the glass.

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The Perfect Christmas Roast Turkey
Recipe for the Perfect Christmas Roast Turkey

The notion of cooking a roast turkey can be daunting to many home cooks but really folks, it’s just bigger than a chicken… and the perfect wine match?

With Christmas not far away it’s time to make the appropriate preparations for the most important lunch of the year. For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining at home, Christmas lunch is a relatively straightforward and traditional menu yet a very rewarding experience.

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