Wah Nam Kafe - Ipoh I have been coming to the town of Ipoh for almost 20 years now and yet it still remains an enigma to me, and I suspect many who visit. Like the many thousands on this annual migration, we are here for Chinese New Year to visit relatives, my wife’s relatives who are here in great numbers. ... read more >
Rajeshwaran Gopal, Group Sommelier Samadhi Retreats - Singapore and Malaysia “Sherry is always a favourite at home, current pick is Valdespino Tio Diego Amontillado. The perfect complement for most of my late night takeout from the local hawker centre.”                               Sommelier Rajeshwaran Gopal ... read more >
Firefly "Your Community Airline" Illustration by Mark A. Hicks and Discovery Education www.discoveryeducation.com It a curious name - for an Airline – Firefly. One’s first thought is they (the airline) must only fly at night, as we all know, Fireflies are nocturnal. ... read more >
Kota Kinabalu Food Fest 2011 Kota Kinabalu's first food festival makes its inaugural debut from 9th July 2011 (Saturday) to 22nd July 2011 (Friday). Appropriately themed as “A Tasty Turn of Events”, the Kota Kinabalu Food Festival is a 2 week showcase of Food & Beverage establishments in and around Kota Kinabalu. Organized by Malaysia's first premier online lifestyle magazine, LifeAndStyle.com.my, the crux of the ... read more >
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Sam Neill with fellow wine experts Curtis Marsh, Josh Jensen and Kai Schubert. “Last night was a bit of a revelation for me,” he confesses, “I always assumed that when you come to somewhere like this you drink some pink things with an umbrella in them. Or beer.” And his colourful, dinosaur bedecked shirt does betray this misconception. Best known for his starring roles in Dead Calm, The Piano and of course Jurassic ... read more >
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Antipodean Dinner at Singapore with Sam Neill Francois Labet & Andrew Jefford Well, as the numbness of our body and brain subsides, it is now feasible to reflect on the Burghound in Asia events. There were many highlights, although perhaps the star event of the whole program was the Antipodean Grands Crus, and that is saying something when you take in to account the incredible experiences we had,including the Datai resort, Langkawi Island ... read more >
The Wandering Palate and Friends at The Datai An  intimate evening with Sam Neill at ,The Pavilion, serving authentic Thai cuisine in a charming alfresco setting, in the canopy of the rainforest. The main dinning room will be the venue for the feature event “The Pearl”  with Allen Meadows serving a western-Malaysian influenced banquet. Situated in the heart of the rainforest, in an open-air “Kampung Style” setting, the ... read more >
Life & Style Magazine, Malaysia Curtis Marsh featured as "Personality of the Week" on Life & Style Magazine. Curtis Marsh is one of the most assiduous and erudite, truly independent wine writers, commentators and presenters in Asia. With nearly 30 years experience in the hospitality, wine and media industries, he has travelled extensively throughout the vineyard regions of the world and the Asia region, with ... read more >
Frangipani Restaurant Driving back to Singapore from our Chinese New Year pilgrimage to Ipoh, we decided to stay overnight in Kuala Lumpur. Contrary to both locals and Singaporean’s who treat the motorways in Malaysia as a Nascar training ground, it is prudent to be wary of inane reckless drivers, taking one’s time and splitting up the trip. Incidentally, in the midst of ... read more >