As part of the Passion for Pinot event, John D'Anna from Cristom wines will be hosting a dinner on June 7th at Liberty Exchange, menu and wines below ... read more >
[caption id="attachment_5671" align="alignnone" width="647" caption="Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year - Year of the White Rabbit 2011"][/caption] The Year of the Dragon begins at 6.24pm, February 4th 2012: To which the Wandering Palate draws a line in the cellar/tasting-notebook and presents a retrospective account of the standout wines of the drinking year - the 2011 lunar drinking year - Year ... read more >
Part 7 of the series My time here in Burgundy has exposed me to many new ideas and debunked many of my initial beliefs about how wine should be done. Burgundy is indeed a land which does things contrary to most wineries I find in the new world. ... read more >
Day 19: 14/10/2011 The Finale for Moi Shalom recounts the last day of his vintage experience at Undhof Salmon. He is now heading for Burgundy and will continue his blog as he travels the region, which I am sure will make for continued interesting reading... ... read more >
Day 16: 11/10/2011 The Rain is gone! Today is a beautiful day. I know I said that last week but after 5 days of rain, it was good to see the sun was up, the sky was blue and the chill was gone. There was nothing much going on today except for 10 bins of Riesling from the kögl vineyard ... read more >
Shalom's vintage experience continues although bad weather has meant a halt to picking so he has had a few days off, hence not day 13 or 14 reoprt, but here's day 15... in a wet and cold Austria ... read more >
Day Twelve: 07/10/2011 Rain, rain, Go away! The cold has set in and the miserable weather has begun. This is the first dark and gloomy day I had in Austria since arriving here two weeks ago. Temperature was as predicted, which was 12 degrees Celsius. ... read more >
Day Eleven: Dry Ice Wonderland 06/10/2011 It was a very busy day. Early in the morning, a tanker filled with grape must rolled up at our doorsteps. The grape must has been bought to be used for the supermarket wines under another label. This wine will be sold in the UK and Poland. The must taste considerably of lesser quality ... read more >
Day Ten: The Coming of Autumn 05/10/2011 Autumn has already arrived. You can tell be the falling of the leaves from the trees and the browning of them on the vines. It is starting to get cold too and harder to stay out of bed. As part of the routine, I made my way to the winery and tasted each ... read more >
Shalom has his first experience of re-corking old wines from the deepest part of the Salomon cellars, and 1969 Grüner Veltliner. This brings back memories of when Bert Salomon showed up at my place in Melbourne for my 40th birthday with a case of 1962 Grüner Veltliner! Yes, a whole dozen, as he was not sure how many people were ... read more >