Watch the video and listen to our speakers to learn how to pronounce the most important terms connected with German Wines. From A - Z or in this case from Ahr to Württemberg. Big thanks to Deutsches Weininstitut - for creating this great video for the wine community. Can someone say Gewürztraminer! ... read more >
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Over the past few years, both in our own vineyards and with the support of our growers, Nautilus Estate has continued to expand and develop its vineyards with 2006 seeing the introduction of the Nautilus VSP pruning system – a world first. Ongoing research into the best combination of the preference of different clones for different sites continues to improve ... read more >
Preserving open wine So what do you get the wine enthusiast who seemingly has everything for Christmas? WINESAVE of course – so they can start their very own wine bar at home! With the very nature of wine appreciably less intimidating nowadays and a growing familiarity amongst the populace, a glass of wine is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life around the ... read more >
The Singapore Sun Festival 2010 The Singapore Sun Festival is Singapore’s leading music and lifestyle festival. The Singapore Sun Festival which was inaugurated by IMG Artists in October 2007 is an annual multi-arts and integrated lifestyle Festival that celebrates the ‘Art of Living Well’ through the 7 disciplines of Music, Visual Art, Literature, Film, Wine, Food and Wellness. The Singapore Sun Festival exposes both Singapore ... read more >
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Sarah Blasko as day follows night Songs that transcend genre are the forte of singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia (and now transplanted in the United Kingdom), Blasko appears to mine the similar vein that fueled the imaginations of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bjork and Fiona Apple. Ethereal creatures that based their otherworldly songs on structures borrowed from jazz, classical, folk and ... read more >
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Twitter selling Wine through Fledgling Initiative Micro Blogging industry giant Twitter has announced that they are all set to start selling wine under their Fledgling Initiative. The company said that they would contribute USD$ 5 for every bottle sold to Room to Read. Room to Read is a non-profit entity aimed to promote literacy for kids around the world. Twitter said: “The Fledgling Initiative embodies two things ... read more >
Preserving open wine Throughout 6500 years of winemaking evolution, the constant issue of keeping wine from deteriorating and bacterial spoilage has been a conundrum. Ironically the solution to this quandary was always, literally, right under our noses. Over thousands of centuries there are landmark discoveries and inventions that have been instrumental in changing the way wine has been made, stored, transported, traded and ... read more >
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How the Scots counter the New Zealand All-Blacks Maori dance in rugby! The following is a whisky ad for the William Lawson Company. Please be advised  that there are suggestive elemets and are not appropriate for children. Enjoy the ad... Cheers! ... read more >
My stepmother, Trish Marsh, hauled in this huge Bass earlier this year. So impressed by Trish’s catch, I decided to share her remarkable feat with you. As you can well imagine, Trish is not the sort of person to be messed with, having that certain fortitude and resolve entrenched in New Zealanders. I am also seizing on the opportunity to ... read more >
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