Take Two Lively Ladies and Stir With Ruth Pretty and Helen Masters, Ata Rangi – Saturday 12 July 2014
Helen Masters - Photo courtesy of Peter Monk

If food and wine are made to be enjoyed together, then so are winemaker Helen Masters and food supremo Ruth Pretty. Read More >

Afghan Biscuits, Isle of Capri Tomatoes and Broken Heart Gin
Ruth Pretty's Isle of Capri Tomatoes

Having recently spent a few weeks on holiday in Wellington, New Zealand, I can report that we now know where the best Afghan biscuits are baked, and where the most incredible tomatoes and awesome Gin can be had—all of which have a fascinating history or story. Read More >

Breakfast at Pretty’s
Ruth Pretty's awesome steel cut oats with Zany Zeus yoghurt and Zespri Gold Kiwifruit

Sifting through photos I took on my recent trip to New Zealand and visit to Ruth and Paul Pretty’s marvellous property on the Kapiti Coast just north of Wellington, www.ruthpretty.co.nz I came across a couple of pictures of Paul cooking a remarkable breakfast. I say remarkable not just to compliment the cook – although he could do with a bit of praise as the concomitant to his celebrity chef wife – but more so because I discovered and savoured so many exceptional ingredients in one modest yet totally enlightening breakfast. Read More >

Duck Curry and New Zealand Pinot Noir – A Perfect Match
Wife's Legendary Duck Curry

More Duck Run as the Wandering Palate gears up for a New Zealand migration conducting a duck curry cooking class at the legendary Ruth Pretty Cooking school, here is the updated recipe, pairing to Kiwi Pinot Noir.  Read More >