With winter coming ever closer, I would suggest Wright Brothers opening raWBar is rather timely with oysters coming into their best eating. ... read more >
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The Australian Marine Conservation Society www.marineconservation.org.au a non-profit organisation protecting Australia's oceans since 1965 has just launched an Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App! ... read more >
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The Wandering Palate in New Zealand, visit Wanderings... Wanaka, Deep South Is., New Zealand (July 29th) Clive did an exhaustive check on no less than five potential restaurants for our ducks and decided on the selection after a Saturday taste test last week; a heroic effort and the exercise now known as the "Duck Run"! ... read more >
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Here we are in Ohope Beach, North Island, New Zealand, about 8 nautical miles of the coast. I have chartered a fishing boat to have a mornings fishing with my dad (in the background) and daughter Hayley. Yours truly has just reeled in a King Fish which took about 15 minutes and quite a battle. Despite the excitement of catching ... read more >
The southern coast of Western Australia around the regional town of Esperance is thrilling terrain, writes Terry Chellappah, who wonders why it took him so long to experience it first hand. Being resident in the wonderful Margaret River region of Western Australia for a decade now, it had become easy to grow blinkers and regard this beautiful area as the ... read more >
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My stepmother, Trish Marsh, hauled in this huge Bass earlier this year. So impressed by Trish’s catch, I decided to share her remarkable feat with you. As you can well imagine, Trish is not the sort of person to be messed with, having that certain fortitude and resolve entrenched in New Zealanders. I am also seizing on the opportunity to ... read more >
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