Someone in the White House clearly has good taste or has been reading the Wandering Palate, having served at the Obama-Cameron state banquet, the Peter Michael Chardonnay Ma Belle Fille 2009 with the first course of crisped halibut with potato crust served on a bed of braised baby kale (fresh from the White House garden) with shaved Brussels sprouts and ... read more >
Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year USA – White Wine of the Year Peter Michael La Carrière Chardonnay 2008 - Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California At the risk of being repetitive, whenever I’m asked what is my favourite wine? The answer is invariably, “The one I haven’t tried yet” and discovery remains my main motivation in my enthusiasm for wine. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate is off to New York and has been asking a few likeminded Wandering types where they like to eat and hang out in the Big Apple. ... read more >
Yes, I’m telling you something you already know; ... read more >
USA – Red Wine of the Year Amongst the plethora of wineries on this planet and ever-increasing choice, or perhaps bewilderment for the consumer, there is a select group of iconic brands and individual winemakers that stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are the benchmark for all other producers and greatly respected by fellow winemakers and equally revered ... read more >
Winemakers love dogs. Wherever wine is made, you’re likely to find a good dog stalking the cellar or the vineyard. Wine Dogs has found some beauties from all over the world. Wine Dogs is a celebration of the working (and relaxing) dog in the winery, vineyard and tasting room – created all for the love of dogs and wine. Wine ... read more >
Part of the ‘Unrivalled Passion for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay’ program, on Friday, April 8th, 108 wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts congregated at the St Regis Hotel, Singapore, for a two hour tasting of Domaine de la Romanee Conti served alongside wines from four other wineries encompassing America, Australia, Austria and New Zealand. There was much conjecture and to a degree, ... read more >
Ted Lemon takes us through the evolution of his ‘Extreme Sonoma Coast’ Thieriot Vineyard Chardonnay and The Haven Pinot Noir. In probably what is the strongest evidence that the Singapore wine scene is truly evolving to a sophisticated consumers market, we are increasingly seeing some of the very best wines from the USA here. Putting this in to perspective, many ... read more >
Legendary Californian pioneer Chardonnay and Pinot Noir producer Josh Jensen liberates some incredible bottles from his cellar. California evokes so many surreal impressions and if you have ever been in vineyard country there, you sure end up “Californian Dreamin” - forever. Josh Jensen purchased his Mt. Harlan property in San Benito County in 1974, the same year Mama Cass died ... read more >
Patricia Gallagher, Steven spurrier & Odette Kahn 1976 tasting in Paris The sensational results of a tasting in Paris more than 30 years ago forever changed the way American wines were considered, writes Curtis Marsh. America's most prodigious Bordeaux-style blend - the legendary Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello from the Santa Cruz Mountains - turns 45 years old this year. Reaching this milestone is only part of the motive for writing this ... read more >