From the Cellar – Calera Reed Vineyard Pinot Noir 1994 en magnum (Singapore)

I pulled a magnum of Calera Reed Vineyard Pinot Noir 1994 out of the cellar on August 21st that had recently come direct from the vineyard re-release program, via Artisan Cellars to share a glass and opinion with Nigel Greening from Felton Road, over a Sunday lunch.

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Singapore Rooftop Farms

This article caught my interest last week, a concept that has enormous potential in Singapore and something that deserves a lot more attention from a global perspective. There is already a groundswell of city greening going on around the world however in high density cities like Singapore, moreover with a finite amount of land, the dynamics of turning every building rooftop in to a garden, whether it is for agriculture or purely aesthetics is profound.

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A Happy Chook is a Tasty Chook
Sakura Chicken - No Cages - No Added Chemicals thanks!

There was a time and not that long ago; Singaporeans ate nothing but firm, meaty and flavoursome kampung chicken. That is the French breed of chicken acquiring the name kampung (or kampong), with its orange feathers and black head, commonplace roaming around Malay villages – a true free-range, happy chook.

Malaysian Kumpung Hen - Free Range

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Artisanal Champagne tasting returns: Totally Organic
Artisanal Champagne tasting, Singpaore

It’s been a long time and we know everyone is waiting for our next tasting session.

Now we proudly announce this August we are having our champagne tasting session featuring 6 of our most beloved organic Champagne growers.

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Best Bread in the World – Poilâne, Paris
Poilane Paris

Of course there is no such thing as ‘the’ best bread in the world. There’s fantastic bread all over the world however, Poilâne is definitely one of the best breads on this planet (along with Dench Bakery, in Melbourne and a must-visit when you are in Paris. And that’s exactly what the wandering palate did when holidaying in Paris back in July.

Actually, we were more intent on going for lunch at La Cuisine de Bar, the sandwich bar next door serving Poilâne’s bread, with an amazing selection of open-toasted sandwiches. The coffee is good here too, and that’s saying something for Paris.

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Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay 2009 & 2010 Central Otago, New Zealand
Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay 2009 & 2010

Antipodean Chablis

Are you a Chablis drinker? A chardonnay purist who relishes the ethereal clarity of Chablis; a wine infused with flinty minerality and a saline quality that speaks so loudly of the soils it hails from it’s unmistakable. Then there’s the slippery, silky texture, largely unadulterated by oak, it’s glassy, lubricous, tantalizingly tangy palate invigorated by exhilarating steely acidity, a wine bursting with energy and freshness.

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In a Fishy Mood – Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House & Duchy Oyster Farm Cornwall (England, June 6th)

With the fish stock still simmering on the stove, I’m in a right fishy mood. And we must have been on the evening of June 6th as well, as we found ourselves at the Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House, 13 Kingly Street, Carnaby, London.

Not only is the location perfect if you are going to the West End theatres, they open Monday to Saturday right through from midday to midnight, and midday to 8pm on Sundays. It does not get any user-friendlier than this for theatre goers, especially for families, like us, who arrived at 5.00pm for an early dinner and out by 7.00pm, not rushed at all, indeed a most relaxed and enjoyable meal.

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Singapore’s Best Fishmonger
Singapore's Best Fishmonger

Like artisan local butchers, fishmongers are under threat of extinction, their formidable predator, supermarkets moreover, an increasingly lazy, nonchalant consumer.

The last bastion is fresh food farmer markets and wet markets, which thankfully occupy a strategic place in practically every city, town or village in the world where savvy locals shop for produce sometimes at a fraction of the price of supermarket exploitation.

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Felton Road Wine Dinner with Nigel Greening
Felton Road Wine Dinner with Nigel Greening

Nigel Greening, the precognitive practitioner of pinot noir, chardonnay and riesling, and proprietor of the iconic Central Otago vineyard Felton Road will be in Singapore for a brief stopover and hosting a wine dinner at the St Regis, Yan Ting restaurant.

Greening is one of the most charismatic and engaging wine speakers I know and his wines are simply the very best from New Zealand. The dinner, conclusive of wines, is extremely well-priced and you are assured of an excellent and entertaining evening – not to be missed.

Bookings through Cellar Door, call Estee at +65 6464 9909

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Breaking Duck News – Duck Crawl

Breaking Duck News


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