A recently met with Green Tree Packaging, www.greentreepackaging.com.sg a Singapore based company that specializes in eco-friendly packaging and solutions to reduce municipal waste and championing biodegradable products. Much of their focus is on corn, sugar cane and plantation fiber that would otherwise be waste, but now a vital component in producing biodegradable packing and eco-friendly paper and materials. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate Friday morning ritual, breakfast at my favourite Prata stall, Mohd Faisal Eating Stall - Ghim Moh Market stall 01-61, then a visit to Mr Chua, the best fishmonger in Singapore, http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/produce/singapores-best-fishmonger/ as we have friends coming over for dinner tonight, and I’m cooking spaghetti marina. ... read more >
This article caught my interest last week, a concept that has enormous potential in Singapore and something that deserves a lot more attention from a global perspective. There is already a groundswell of city greening going on around the world however in high density cities like Singapore, moreover with a finite amount of land, the dynamics of turning every building ... read more >