[caption id="attachment_6086" align="alignnone" width="647" caption=" Forteto della Luja - www.fortetodellaluja.it "][/caption] One of my most intriguing wine discoveries – period - is Forteto della Luja, a family run property which is nothing short of extraordinary; a vineyard that has been run organically since the early 19th Century, or 1826 to be precise, as they know nothing other than organic! Located ... read more >
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There was a time and not that long ago; Singaporeans ate nothing but firm, meaty and flavoursome kampung chicken. That is the French breed of chicken acquiring the name kampung (or kampong), with its orange feathers and black head, commonplace roaming around Malay villages - a true free-range, happy chook. [caption id="attachment_4600" align="alignnone" width="513" caption="Malaysian Kumpung Hen - Free Range"][/caption] ... read more >
Came across this mixed dozen offering from Berry Bros & Rudd, which struck me as not only as very good value but an ideal mix of regions and styles. And more importantly, organically grown grapes. Interesting to see Dominique Lafon using screwcap closure for his Macon Blanc, unquestionably the right way to go and should rattle the cages in this ... read more >