President Barack Obama in Synchronicity with The Wandering Palate

Someone in the White House clearly has good taste or has been reading the Wandering Palate, having served at the Obama-Cameron state banquet, the Peter Michael Chardonnay Ma Belle Fille 2009 with the first course of crisped halibut with potato crust served on a bed of braised baby kale (fresh from the White House garden) with shaved Brussels sprouts and micro-cabbage sprouts and Applewood smoked bacon.

The White House

Readers will note the Wandering Palate posted the annual selection of “Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year” in late January: naming the Peter Michael La Carrière Chardonnay 2008, Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA – White Wine of the Year.

A tasting note on the Ma Belle Fille is also included in this review and prose on the reasons we should be drinking American wines—right now.

For those who live in Singapore, the importer, Water & Wine have the Peter Michael Ma Bille Fille 2009 in stock, which sells for around S$150 per bottle. So, if you want to have a taste of White House banquet style, contact them at Water and Wine also have offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok

Unfortunately the red wine served with the main course, Bison Wellington, was a cabernet sauvignon, perhaps a democratic choice to appease Republican taste.

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