The Chateau La Lagune, France Red Bordeaux en primeur 2007, an underappreciated, early drinking, mid-term cellaring vintage for devotees, not investors. En Primeur or wine futures has its logic, after all we are dealing with the most collectable wine in the world, the consumer pays upfront, supposedly at a discount to the projected market price, taking title of an unfinished wine that they will receive ... read more >
Within the steep slopes and valleys of Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc reflects the individual soils and microclimates of its terroirs, and is a world apart from the popular New Zealand wines of the Marlborough region. The entire world seems to be producing Sauvignon Blanc and the whole world willingly drink it. But wine consumers tend to identify Sauvignon Blanc with the ... read more >
Italy Carabinieri sampling Barolo Wines Curtis Marsh confesses he cannot get enough Nebbiolo, indeed more than just a passing phase, it is becoming an obsession. It is not often that I have a preoccupation for a single variety; after all, I do purport to have a ‘wandering palate’. I was for a period last year, fixated with Sangiovese or Chianti Classico to be more precise, ... read more >
Australia’s Benchmark Chardonnay Producers I have to admit this piece has been work-in-progress for over a year now, originally titled “Australian chardonnay on the comeback trail”. Inspired at the time by tasting in succession, the then new releases of TarraWarra Reserve Chardonnay, Grosset Piccadilly Chardonnay and Shaw & Smith M3 Chardonnay, all consummates wines that define the calibre of Australian ... read more >
Great wines are hopefully always enigmatic and there are some real gems to be discovered among the 2006 German Rieslings. While there is a preoccupation with debating the merits of dry or sweet Rieslings, the international consumer has predominantly maintained an orthodox view of German Riesling with a preference for the richer lateharvest styles, particularly the exceptional and unique qualities ... read more >
Congratulations to Tim and Judy Finn and their team in reaching this significant milestone. Thirty years is a lifetimes work and when you have started a vineyard from scratch in a region that has had no viticultural history, realizing the vision takes an unyielding resolve to overcome the many challenges of nature and human-nature in an uncharted path of discovery ... read more >
A remarkable evolution has created one of the most modern and stylish producers in the Clare Valley. Stephanie Toole's commitment is apparent in everything she does: in winemaking she is uncompromising and intuitive, in business she is dedicated and conscientious. In the 14 years since buying Mount Horrocks, Toole has cultivated improvement after improvement. Where there was once just a ... read more >
New Zealand, French and Australian wines appeared at the table of a recent royal birthday party. Curtis Marsh goes behind the scenes.? Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her Birthday on June 17th, although you would hardly identify Her Majesty as an octogenarian, with her ageless demeanor and commanding charisma. In her Birthday address, the Queen quoted Groucho Marks, “Anyone can ... read more >
In Memory of Alois Kracher and Eric Salomon The Austrian wine community is mourning the loss of two of its greatest winemakers, both pioneers in their respective regions and champions of Austria’s rise on the world wine stage. Alois Kracher, the sweet-wine pioneer from Illmitz, Burgenland, died on December 5 at the age of 48 from complications due to cancer. His death came unexpectedly following a brief illness, ... read more >