Dear Wine Valentine

The Wandering Palate Cambodian Correspondent, Darren Gall, rises above drowning in his sorrows on Valentine’s Day to share his wisdom on wine and love and falling out of love, being well versed in aspects. Read More >

The Duck Run – Maverick Wine Merchant Noel Young in Singapore

Legendary English wine merchant, Noel Young, jetted into Singapore for a brief one night stopover, coming from Australia on-route back to the motherland and catching up with the Wandering Palate, over duck! Read More >

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A Grand Cru Chardonnay, Downunder

The Wandering Palates Terra Australis correspondent, Andrew Jenkins (Jenks) breaks silence on Australia’s most covert winery, Bass Phillip, admittedly the worst kept secret amongst undercover palates.

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The Wandering Palates Wines for the Christmas Table
Many bottles of wines

These suggestions are purely personal and what we will be enjoying at the Wandering Palate Christmas table, although you are most welcome to follow the recommendations, or drop me a line if you need advice on your selection or sourcing.

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“Drinking Out Loud” What Should Newbies Know?

If you were teaching newcomers to wine, what would you tell them?

Whenever I’m asked to speak in front of a group, especially in a place such as Singapore where wine is just becoming an object of intense interest, I always point out that being an American is an asset.

This cryptic comment always draws quizzical looks. Being an American, I explain, is an asset because we know what it’s like to be a newcomer to wine. We know what it’s like to not know.

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Singapore sale confirms Asian interest in Burgundy

A casino owner in Singapore has spent £111,000 on a single case of Romanée Conti from the 1971 vintage.

The wine, which was sold by Bordeaux Index, is being touted by the merchant as further proof of a rising interest in fine Burgundy among Asian customers.

“The price goes to show that it’s not just Bordeaux wines that [Asian] consumers are thirsty for,” commented Gary Boom, adding, “Asian interest in Burgundy has really taken off over the last 12 months.”

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Must Have Wine Accessory of the Year
Preserving open wine

So what do you get the wine enthusiast who seemingly has everything for Christmas? WINESAVE of course – so they can start their very own wine bar at home!

With the very nature of wine appreciably less intimidating nowadays and a growing familiarity amongst the populace, a glass of wine is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life around the world.

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Must-Have Wine Book of the Year

‘The Pearl of the Côte – the Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée’ – Allen Meadows of

Notwithstanding this touchstone book is the perfect Christmas present for Burgundy and pinot noir lovers, or all wine enthusiasts for that matter, it is imperative reading for anyone wanting to better understand the deep complexities of Burgundy and more specifically, the pinnacle of the region and the pinot noir grape, the appellation Vosne-Romanée – as Meadow’s puts it more evocatively, ‘The Pearl of the Cote’.

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Peaks of Celebrity

New Zealand pinot noir is joining the fame game with vineyards being name-dropped in the most glamorous of circles.

There is a compelling association between Hollywood and the meteoric ascent in popularity of wines from New Zealand, now juxtaposed as a chic destination for the eco-conscious avant-garde.

New Zealand born actor Sam Neill, with his exemplary Central Otago vineyards and auteurist pinot noir Two Paddocks is spreading his wine liberally among Hollywood friends, as well a luring the cognoscenti to Queenstown, the picturesque epicentre of viticulture in the far- South Island.

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Chef Luke Mangan drops in to Singapore for lunch

The Wandering Palate shouts celebrity Chef, Luke Mangan lunch at the Adam Park Food Court, total bill S$21.

Where do you go when one of world’s most celebrated chef’s drops in to Singapore and says, “Let’s have lunch”!  Take him to a hawker stall of course, for some wholesome local food.

And that’s precisely what we did, heading to my local, The Adam Park Food Court, and my favourite roti-prata stall.

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