Champagne Trade Tasting in New York
Champagne Thierry Triolet

One of the world’s leading authorities on Champagne, Peter Liem, is conducting a tasting in New York, at Matsuri Restaurant, The Maritime Hotel, that will involve a discussion of the role of terroir in Champagne, illustrated by a tasting of three producers from very different areas: José Michel in the Coteaux Sud d’Epernay, Thierry Triolet in the Sézanne, and R. Dumont in the Aube.

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Sustainable Seafood – Australian Marine Conservation
Australian Marine Conservation Society

The Australian Marine Conservation Society a non-profit organisation protecting Australia’s oceans since 1965 has just launched an Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App!

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Steven Spurrier 70th Birthday Bash – Singapore
Steven Spurriers 70th celebration at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Steven Spurrier was in town this week for ongoing Singapore Airlines wine selection tastings (he’s been doing it for 22 years!), along with panel colleagues Michael Hill-Smith MW and Jeannie Cho-Lee MW.

As it turned out, it was the perfect opportunity to raise a glass to Spurrier’s innings, 70 not out. Spurrier was in good form and looks nothing like 70,  as he quipped when someone asked if there were going to be more parties, which came out the wrong way, as in meaning other 70th celebrations, he replied, “I’m hoping a least another 10 and 80 is a good number”!

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Turkish Figs in Season
Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2010 - the perfect wine with figs

It is the peak of the season for Brown Turkish Figs, having purchased them twice at Jason’s, Tanglin Mall, Singapore at the excellent price, relative to quality and distance they need to travel, of S$4.50 for a packet of 4 large figs.

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Farmers Market at Pfeiffer Winery (Victoria, Australia)
Farmer market vegetables

Farmer market vegetables

The Wandering Palate is a huge fan of Farmer Markets, equally of Pfeiffer’s wines, and this looks like the perfect excuse for a day trip, or even better weekend, up in Rutherglen, and yes impromptu as it is on this Saturday! Read More >

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Duck Run – Singapore – Terry Chellappah
Terry Chellappah - a man of considerable duck appetite

In case you have not been following the ‘Duck Run’, the Wandering Palates recipe for Thai Duck Curry has been gaining momentum around the world with ducks ‘on the run’ all over the place.

What began as an approbation of Kai Schubert’s enormous capacity for our Thai duck curry and the subsequently posting of the secret recipe, the story continues as gourmands around the planet share their gluttonous pleasure at the Wandering Palates table or in their own kitchens cooking up the said duck curry.

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Spain Gourmet Tour – An Unparalleled Magazine
Spain's supreme iberico ham

For some 15 years or more, I have been receiving a magazine from the Economic & Commercial Office at the Embassy of Spain called “Spain Gourmet Tour”. They have diligently ensured that it arrived at my address in Australian and subsequently Hong Kong and then Singapore, as Nomadic as we are.

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New Zealand Red Wine of the Year Vidal Estate Syrah 2007 – Hawkes Bay
Vidal Estate Syrah 2007

Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year 2010 – New Zealand Red Wine of the Year

Vidal Estate Syrah 2007 – Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Also Shortlisted for Most Consistent Best Value Wine of the Year

My first encounter with Vidal Syrah was the 2004 vintage, served at a wine fair last year in Singapore. The importer had it in a decanter, which no one seemed interested in. I tried it without asking what it was and was immediately blown away by the wonderfully feral bouquet that was nothing short of good Cote Rotie, the palate equally impressive and wonderfully complex with all the alluring secondary nuances one would expect of a top Northern Rhone.

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Must-Have Wines Best of the Lunar Year – 2010 – Australian Red Wine of the Year
La Bratta 2007

Australian Red Wine of the Year

Arlewood La Bratta 2007 – Margaret River, Western Australia

When was the last time you had an Australian merlot that pushed your button?

I came across one that not only aroused my merlot curiosity; it triggered just about every pleasure and sensory neuron in my wandering olfactories and aesthetic and had me reaching for my tasting note book.

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Shaw & Smith Suave Savvy 2011
Michael Hill-Smith MW - 20th vintage tasting in Singapore 2010 - Michael says their wines have got progressively better and he and winemaker Martin Shaw have got balder

We see a lot of Michael Hill-Smith MW in Singapore, here regularly for marathon tastings with Singapore Airlines as part of their wine panel.  There is also his annual release of Shaw & Smith wines with a tried and tested formula of an informal tasting of the new releases with Dim Sum, religiously attended by trade for both libation and appreciation of his penetrating candidacy on the wines and insightful words on Australian wine industry.

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