When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio, De Janeiro

Friends of mine are off to Rio just after Christmas and asked me for restaurant recommendations. Now I know my reputation for ‘Wandering’ is as solid as my waistline but Rio is a little out my reach at present. Actually, I have to confess I have never been to South America although Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru all beckon. Read More >

A Tale of Crayfish Tail – Golden Fields

On a recent sunny winter’s day in Melbourne, curiosity got the better of us and we had to find out what is was that Melbournian’s find so irresistible about Golden Fields, one of a ever-growing number of eateries spawned by the unpretentiously talented chef, Andrew McConnell. Read More >

Gidleigh Park and the wider sense of ‘Terroir’

Alistair Scott endures excellence at Gidleigh Park Manor in the middle of rural Dartmoor, but wonders if international standards are always the right yardstick in the hospitality industry.

Dartmoor has a schizophrenic history. A patch of stunning moorland perched in the bottom left-hand corner of England with little topsoil, for many years it was a gulag for tin miners, prisoners of war, masochistic farmers and stubborn ponies. Read More >

Gold Member

A package arrived in the post the other day from Singapore Airlines, addressed to my daughter (8 years-old). She is always excited to receive mail and on this occasion even more gleeful when she read the contents, advising that she had attained Kris Flyer Elite Gold Member status. Read More >

The 35,000-Foot Dram

Andrew Jefford shares his pain and an anaesthetic to the tortures of flying long-haul economy. Read More >

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Carbon-offsetting initiative – Lamdon’s School Campus Forestation

With the Northern Hemisphere summer school holidays starting, expatriates in Asia will most likely be heading back home, travelling great distances by air. Every time we fly we are also increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Read More >

All my friends are getting married…

With a good friend of mine getting married this August, a press release from The Leading Hotels of the World on exclusive wedding destination hotels is inspiration for posting this piece, and what could be better than having an entire Leading Hotel completely to yourselves for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion?  Here are just a few outstanding properties that can be engaged for the exclusive use of your wedding party and guests, assuring that this most special event will be exceptional, unique and unforgettable. Read More >

One the Wine Route – Tuscany, Piedmonte and Sicily

I am constantly asked for recommendations on wine travel destinations, more so on the specifics to which I would need to become a fulltime travel agent and guide to make any headway or commercial sense. There is no doubt that the best way to fully understand the intricacies of wine and the concept of terroir, you need to travel the wine regions and it is strategic to have  close interaction with winemakers and professionals, which is generally not easy to achieve outside of the wine trade. Read More >

A Taste of Spain

I was recently inspired by a brilliant article at the hand of Paul Richardson, in the Financial Times, “Pork on the wild side – A gastronomic tour devoted to ibérico ham includes watching a traditional pig-slaughtering fiesta” http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/4f171866-4359-11e1-8489-00144feab49a.html Read More >

Conrad Koh Samui Sets New Benchmark for Wine Appreciation among Thailand’s 5-star Resorts with Bespoke Wine Programme

Conrad Koh Samui Sets New Benchmark for Wine Appreciation among Thailand’s 5-star Resorts with Bespoke Wine Programme

Top wine consultant successfully pairs world class wines with Thai cuisine at Koh Samui’s hottest new dining destination Read More >

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