About as good as it gets – Felton Road Chardonnay and Slipper Lobsters

A Saturday night at home and thinking about what to cook… with a bottle of Felton Road Chardonnay 2008 that has already been designated for libation. Read More >

The Wandering Palate Cookbook of the Year – More than French – Philippe Mouchel with Rita Erlich forward by Paul

In the world of cookbooks, or perhaps it should be universe with new galaxy’s being discovered every day, how does one arrive at the ‘Cookbook of the Year’?

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The Wandering Palate Book Selection for the Gourmand – mostly available through amazon.com

With Christmas only weeks away now, it’s that time where indecisions on present buying start turning into panic, particularly for friends and relatives abroad and you know you have to get that parcel off in the post pronto. Read More >

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The Broccoli Conspiracy

I’m not sure if it was broccoli or brussel sprouts that I hated more as a kid. Boiled to the point of going grey, as was the cooking technique of the day, all I can recall was a nauseating taste and practically gagging as my parents forced me to “Eat my greens”. Read More >

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The Great Australian Shutdown

Domiciled for Christmas festivities, no sooner had the turkey digested The Wandering Palate was in peripatetic mode, Melbourne bound and yearning for a food fix. Read More >

Ruth Pretty cooks 15 kgs turkey on the rotisserie

Ruth Pretty cooks 15 kgs turkey on the rotisserie

Pictures just through from our good friends Paul and Ruth Pretty Ruth Pretty, guru caterers and legendary hosts to the stars (and royalty) www.ruthpretty.co.nz celebrating Christmas at their property, Springfield, on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

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The Wandering Palate – Produce book of the Year (Meat, Poultry, Game) Ginger Pig – Meat Book Tim Wilson & Fran Warde

The Borough Market in London is one of my favourite food foraging spots on this planet and also home to the Ginger Pig Butchery – a real butcher.

This is a carnivore’s paradise where meat and poultry are a religion and the provenance and husbandry of animals is decidedly organic, if not Celtic in its quest to bring back all the goodness and authenticity in butchery.

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How to Cook Everything – Completely revised Tenth Anniversary Edition, Mark Bittman

I have a confession. I did not know who Mark Bittman was until 3 years ago when friends from the US, Stacy and Greg, living in Singapore kept on mentioning or quoting him and this fantastic book on how to cook; in Stacy’s words, “Absolutely everything and the recipes are so easy to follow and practical”.

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Shalom Chin Burgundy Blog – Personal Serving Suggestions for Burgundy

Final Part of the Burgundy series

I have always been told in Asia that Pinot Noir goes well with duck and this is the dish Pinot Noir is being served with in France. I do not know where that started from but throughout my stay in Burgundy, searching for a duck dish in Burgundy is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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English Antipodean vigneron Nigel Greening shares his Christmas Table from last Year

All this talk and detective work on turkey and goose had me corresponding with the Obi-Wan Gourmands, Nigel Greening, proprietor of Felton Road, Central Otago, New Zealand www.feltonroad.com

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