The Wandering Palate Book Selection for the Gourmand – mostly available through

With Christmas only weeks away now, it’s that time where indecisions on present buying start turning into panic, particularly for friends and relatives abroad and you know you have to get that parcel off in the post pronto. Read More >

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The Wandering Palate – Best of the Lunar Year – Wine Book of the Year 2011 – Cool Climate Wines 媒体资料白葡萄酒经典 by Michael Thurner & Susie Wu

I always approach the Wandering Palate ‘Wine Book of the Year’ with trepidation, partly because wine books can be rather droll for the average reader or even wine consumer, notwithstanding research style works are indeed useful. Read More >

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Biodynamic Wines & Wine Feng Shui 酒之风水

Caroline Frey, winemaker at Chateau La Lagune –A leading Biodynamic Vigneron

Universally desired, there is a burgeoning thirst for wine knowledge and enjoyment. There is also a growing appreciation for artisan wines and viticulture using sustainable practices, organic and biodynamic principals.

Global carbon footprint

The global average carbon footprint per capitais presently 20 tons

The general scientific consensus is that global per capita emission levels must drop to just 1 tonne per person by 2050 to limit global warming to 2 degrees C

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购买指南 Wine Book of the Year (Asia)

Recommending wine books is not easy.  Unless your obsessed with wine its difficult enough to hold most people’s attention on a wine article little lone an entire book devoted to the subject. Wine books do of course come in many forms, some coffee table formatted with evocative pictures. Nothing wrong in that and frankly my personal preference; like cookbooks I like to be able to visual the dish, and there is nothing more evocative than vineyard pictures moreover excellent photography.

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