[caption id="attachment_7320" align="alignleft" width="362" caption="Duncan Forsyth, winemaker at Mount Edwards, Central Otago with our Wudang Swordsman Chef at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck"][/caption] Here we are at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, yes for the second time this week, but it was imperative that I take Duncan Forsyth from Mount Edwards vineyard here, pictured with our Wudang Swordsman Chef. And ... read more >
[caption id="attachment_7316" align="alignnone" width="647" caption="Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard - Lower Terrace - Martinborough"][/caption] ... read more >
I received this definitive photo from Stephanie Toole at Mount Horrocks taken this week in the Cordon Cut Vineyard with the message “Pray we don’t get any frosts!”, illustrating how vignerons are at the constant mercy of the weather and like any agriculture, there are crucial, nail biting moments or stages throughout the year than determine success or failure that ... read more >
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Out of all the meals throughout the lunar year, and there are many around the world, there are four occasions or meals that were the ultimate standouts; consummate in both a culinary sense and sheer dining pleasure. ... read more >
[caption id="attachment_7267" align="alignnone" width="647" caption="Ata Rangi - wildflowers in the vineyard rows"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_7270" align="alignnone" width="647" caption="Felton Road Elms vineyard"][/caption] ... read more >
On a recent sunny winter’s day in Melbourne, curiosity got the better of us and we had to find out what is was that Melbournian’s find so irresistible about Golden Fields, one of a ever-growing number of eateries spawned by the unpretentiously talented chef, Andrew McConnell. ... read more >
Guineau Fowls resident at Arlewood Vineyard, Australia The subject of semillon came up the other day, fresh in my mind having just posted a piece on Mount Horrocks Semillon and notes on a vertical tasting from 2001 to 2010. We, that is Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith and I, were reminiscing on our formative wine days in Australia and some of our mutual mentors with the conversation ... read more >
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Alistair Scott endures excellence at Gidleigh Park Manor in the middle of rural Dartmoor, but wonders if international standards are always the right yardstick in the hospitality industry. Dartmoor has a schizophrenic history. A patch of stunning moorland perched in the bottom left-hand corner of England with little topsoil, for many years it was a gulag for tin miners, prisoners ... read more >