Beaujolais 2009 - The Vintage of a Lifetime Any good wine reflects the weather, which is the work of nature, and it was especially beneficial in 2009, here in the Beaujolais region. Things got off to a great start in May, which was lovely and warm with plenty of sunshine. The vines were nearly growing before our very eyes, and this soon led to them flowering. This told ... read more >
Beaujolais vineyard, France Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year Georges Duboeuf Chateau des Capitans Julienas 2009 & Georges Duboeuf Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy 2009 I can already sense the disbelief from the wine cognoscenti, Beaujolais? How could Beaujolais eclipse Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Rhone Valley? Surely he can’t be serious! Well I am, moreover unequivocal in my choice and can genuinely say that ... read more >
The Wandering Palate and Friends at The Datai An  intimate evening with Sam Neill at ,The Pavilion, serving authentic Thai cuisine in a charming alfresco setting, in the canopy of the rainforest. The main dinning room will be the venue for the feature event “The Pearl”  with Allen Meadows serving a western-Malaysian influenced banquet. Situated in the heart of the rainforest, in an open-air “Kampung Style” setting, the ... read more >
Asia Symphony of Wine and Flavours Burghound Unrivalled Passion for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay “The Burghound Phenomenon. Burgundy lends itself to obsessives, what with its hundreds of growers, thousands of named vineyards and maddening variations in vintages. The world's foremost Burgundy expert - who, thankfully, is also in possession of an acute palate – is Los Angeles-based Allen Meadows… No Burgundy lover leaves home for the ... read more >
Stephanie Rigoud picking grapes Stephanie Rigourd – Hilton Hotel, Singapore I was first introduced to Stephanie Rigourd by Jean-Luc Fourrier, Vice President Restaurant Concepts for the Hilton in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, who is based here in Singapore. A veteran of the hotel and hospitality industry with a good eye for talent Fourier impressed upon me that Stephanie had a great feel ... read more >
Matt Kramer Unplugged in Singapore Brought to you by The Wandering Palate and Hermitage Wine. Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator's contributing editor and columnist for the magazine both in print and online, “Drinking Out Loud” will be in Singapore with ‘one nightly only’ appearance and wine dinner at... ... read more >
Twilight Cove beach, Western Australia The southern coast of Western Australia around the regional town of Esperance is thrilling terrain, writes Terry Chellappah, who wonders why it took him so long to experience it first hand. Being resident in the wonderful Margaret River region of Western Australia for a decade now, it had become easy to grow blinkers and regard this beautiful area as the ... read more >
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Churton The Abyss Pinot Noir With the vintage in New Zealand drawing closer, Sam Weaver at Churton in Marlborough reported in correspondence to me, “The vineyard is looking great (see picture), we had a very good fruit set which was then followed by a much wetter, earlier summer than normal. This has led to very healthy looking vines and vineyards. Very good fruit set and ... read more >
Parma ham mango salad Whipping up a quick salad and reaching for a bottle of Felton Road Block 1 Riesling from Wine Fridge. And a little nibble of Tetsuya Wakuda’s Petuna Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout. This is one of those impromptu kitchen inspirations where a salad dishes builds itself purely from ingredients in the fridge at the time. I had been shopping earlier in ... read more >
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Wine dinner My favourite wine person on the planet, the affable and jovial Bertold Salomon from, Undhof Salomon in Krems, Austria is coming through Singapore on February 9th and holding a wine dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Bert’s infectious humble nature and warm-hearted hospitality comaflages his obvious intelect, intense passion and encyclopdic understanding of the entire wine world gained in his ... read more >
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