A day off from the vintage gives Shalom a chance to expore Krems area and the village of Dürnstein... although his palate still gets a good workout with visiting sommeliers from Hong Kong. Day 7 - 02/10/2011 A quiet Sunday for us. The crew decided to go for a walk to the town of Dürnstein. It was a lovely view ... read more >
Shalom is in good form, surprisingly not showing signs of fatigue, yet, although it does look like they had a relatively slack day. No doubt some readers will be bewildered at the colour of white wine in tank, before it becomes what we know as wine... Also some good notes on the Salomon current range, both their Austrian and Australian ... read more >
Day 5 30/10/2011 The Zweigelt juice tasted so juicy and the flavours were rimeniscent of raspberry. In Austria and Switzerland, I was told that Strüm or fermenting grape juice is very popular here in. The Zweigelt we had in the tank was probably the best grape juice I have tasted in my entire life. ... read more >
Our indefatigable and studious sommelier, Shalom, is deep amongst the vines and rolled up his sleeves to do vintage at Undhof Salomon, in Krems, Austria, under the tutelage of the legendary Dr Bertold Salomon. Shalom is a dedicated student of wine nearly completed his WSET exams and taking on a Wine MBA next year, and in my estimation, a future ... read more >
Trevor Mast is one of the great names of Australian wine. Quiet but forthright, with a trademark tangle of curly hair and an expert palate, he was renowned as both winemaker and judge. He pioneered the Grampians as a winemaking area; was among the first to plant Italian varieties and to resurrect shiraz at a time when the fruit was ... read more >
Situated just 5 kilometres east of Martinborough village, Escarpment’s 24 hectares of distinctive alluvial gravel, terraced land stretches out along the banks of the Huangarua River. Overlooking the vineyard are the Aorangi Ranges, the very hills made famous by Kupe the great Polynesian voyager who discovered New Zealand, according to Maori legend. Kupe left his three canoes, Nga Waka, on ... read more >
Any good wine reflects the weather, which is the work of nature, and it was especially beneficial in 2009, here in the Beaujolais region. Things got off to a great start in May, which was lovely and warm with plenty of sunshine. The vines were nearly growing before our very eyes, and this soon led to them flowering. This told ... read more >
There are no duds in the Rolf Binder range of wines, writes Curtis Marsh, who tracks the rise and rise of the South Australian business. Having recently unearthed some possessions from storage in Australia, not sighted for some eight years, I am rather pleased to be reacquainted with my comprehensive collection of old wine books. When I say old, they ... read more >
Self-taught winemaker David Powell is responsible for some of the most revered wines to come out of the Barossa Valley. Among the first English colonists to arrive in South Australia in 1836, Colonel William Light was tasked with seeking a north-eastern route to the Murray River, then the strategic artery of subsistence in the vastness of terra Australis. ... read more >
For a better appreciation of the nature and versatility of this wine style, begin with the Germans. Life is filling in time between meals, and a meal without wine could only be breakfast," my doctrine and usual sign-off in correspondence. It often sparks facetious replies, predictably involving champagne. Occasionally, I encounter more compelling responses, such as this from Schloss Johannisberg: ... read more >