Sommelier Shalom Chin Blog – Rhône Revelation Part 1
A view of Chateaunuef-du-pape  Look at how unfertile the soil is with galets so huge

An introduction. Part 1 of the series.

The Rhône has always been a subject of great fascination for me because of my love for Syrah and Grenache as grape varietals and also that the wines of the South has had a long history with ancient grape varieties that originated from the Middle-east. I can think of no other region in France that has such diversity in grape varieties and except maybe in Languedoc-Roussillon. Bordeaux may be well-known for its wines but the roots of winemaking originate from the Mediterranean. During the 18th and 19th century, Bordeaux used to blend wines from Hermitage with those in Bordeaux to give the wines more structure and riper aromas. Read More >

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Shalom Chin – Provence Part 5 – Fréjus and the surrounding parts of Côtes de Provence
The crusty red iron-rich soils of Jas d'esclans an example of the great variation of soil types in Provence

Final Part of the Provence wine series. Many wines tasted with personal opinions.

I believe that to end the Provence series, it is worth mentioning about the Fréjus Appellation, which is another sub-appellation of the Côtes de Provence and an AOC 80km from Nice, a city that used to be under the Regent of Italy along with Savoie. I was told that Nice itself was founded by the Greeks who brought olive, figs and winemaking from Greece 2600 years ago. It is said that the first wines made were likely rosé as the wines are pressed straight away after picking. Read More >

Shalom Chin – Provence Part 4 – Sainte-Victoire – a Gem of the Côte de Provence
At the base of Sainte-Victoire at Domaine de Saint-Ser

Sainte-Victoire – a Gem of the Côte de Provence

Part 4 of the Provence wine series

There is no doubt in my mind that the Côte de Provence produces some of the best Rosés in the world especially this sub-appellation of Sainte-Victoire where the Mountain of Sainte-Victoire (over 1000m in height) provides a sort of rain shelter for the vines. Read More >

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The Best of Singapore – An Ang Mo’s View
Wee Nam Kee Hainanese chicken rice - A Singapore staple

For the uninitiated, The Wandering Palate website is for all intensive purposes, a blog of my disordered thoughts and utterances; incoherencies, mental wanderings, intoxications, delusions, hallucinations – essentially the wanderings of delirium.

Having resided in Singapore for six years now, I am constantly asked to recommend restaurants here; nothing abnormal about that when you’re a wine and food writer.

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Wine Feng Shui – Most Auspicious Wine for the Year of the Black Water Dragon 2012
Pegasus Pinot Noir vertical - closeup

Most Auspicious Wine for Chinese New Year 2012

Year of the Black Water Dragon year

Pegasus Bay Prima Donna Pinot Noir 2009 – Waipara, South Island, New Zealand

What auspicious vinous attributes should we be looking for in the year of Black Water Dragon?

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The Duck Run – Maverick Wine Merchant Noel Young in Singapore
Noel Young at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck - yes the pictures a bit blury, as was the evening

Legendary English wine merchant, Noel Young, jetted into Singapore for a brief one night stopover, coming from Australia on-route back to the motherland and catching up with the Wandering Palate, over duck! Read More >

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The Great Australian Shutdown
South Melbourne Market Fishmonger

Domiciled for Christmas festivities, no sooner had the turkey digested The Wandering Palate was in peripatetic mode, Melbourne bound and yearning for a food fix. Read More >

Maison Joseph Drouhin Clos des Mouches Rouges 2008
Maison Joseph Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches rouge

The stars must have been aligned and a flower day in the biodynamic calendar as our bottle of Maison Joseph Drouhin Clos des Mouches Rouges 2008 blossomed in the glass moreover sublime with our Peking duck over lunch at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, surely the best duck to be had in all Singapore. Read More >

Posh Palate in London
Maybe if I stand here long enough, I might gain both international recognition and a posh palate

Scrolling through the picture downloads this morning I came across this snap of the Wandering Palate outside the hallowed shop front of Berry Bros & Rudd, London. Emphasis is on the outside as I thought best an irreverent and uncouth palate such as mine would not be tolerated inside the shop.

Maybe if I stand here long enough, I might gain both international recognition and a posh palate

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The Wandering Palate – Best of the Lunar Year – Wine Book of the Year 2011 – Cool Climate Wines 媒体资料白葡萄酒经典 by Michael Thurner & Susie Wu
Cool Climate Wines

I always approach the Wandering Palate ‘Wine Book of the Year’ with trepidation, partly because wine books can be rather droll for the average reader or even wine consumer, notwithstanding research style works are indeed useful. Read More >

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