Lobster Run – Cornwall – July 13th

Another beautiful day in Cornwall, out at sea by 8am before the low-tide to check our lobsters pots. But no luck again save a young specimen that we threw back. Still, where’s there’s children there has to be adults so we re-baited the pots and hope we are more successful tomorrow.

With the taste of lobster on the brain there was nothing for it but to head to W. Harvey & Son, the legendary shellfish supplier in Newlyn, Cornwall, mind a good hours drive from where we are staying.

Arriving at their shop outlet that sells cooked crabs and lobster, we looked alarmingly at the iced display counter with rows of crabs, but no lobsters. It suddenly felt like a scene out of the Monty Python’s series with John Cleese at the cheese shop, “What, no bloody cheese!”.

Our sales assistant said they had yet to receive the mornings quota of lobsters. Perhaps it was the look of desperation and craving on out faces as she was very helpful and much to our relief directed us to their warehouse tanks at the docks where the freshly caught crustaceans await delivery to London and all around the world.

Its quite a sight to see these large concrete tanks full of crabs and lobsters of different sizes, selecting 4 decent 1 pounders for ourselves, at £16 a pound.

We threw our lobsters in the pot as soon as we got back, eating them cold for dinner, with just a little spaghetti on the side. Simple yet incredibly delicious. Our wandering palates in-laws from South Korea made short work of heads and body of the lobster, looking like a scene of out Hannibal Lecter.

We washed it down with a Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett 1995 which was drinking perfectly and wonderful match.

Let’s hope we bag some tomorrow, they taste all the more sweeter when you catch them yourself.


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