A Proper Job at the Fairyboat Inn – Helford Passage, Cornwall – July 12th

A 7am chug around Falmouth Bay, that is the mouth of the Fal River, checking our lobster pots proved fruitless, although I did catch a Mackerel on the way back.

We set off to Helford Passage for lunch at the Ferryboat Inn, now run by the oyster and seafood specialist, Wright Bros, of Borough Market and their Soho restaurant, which we dined a few weeks back and had a most enjoyable experience. More on that later.

Helford River, Duchy Oyster Farn inlet - rather beautiful spot indeed

Herford Passage is across from Herford River to which I am told by my local wanderer, worlds apart, even though its only a channel between them. Helford Passage is very posh and too comfortable with a distinctly mainland feel whereas Helford River, which is a considerable drive, should you not have a boat, and considered more the ‘real deal’ or less touristy with a local flavour. No surprise the Yacht Club is on the River side, members only thanks, and the beers cheaper.

Lunch at the Ferryboat Inn was most enjoyable with a well-judged menu for summers steady traffic of tourists and beachouse owners. We sat outside in the large decking perched on the beach shore, watching the boats and world go by.

View from the Ferry Boat Inn

First priority, approach the bar and see what beers on tap. Our local wanderer immediately opts for a Proper Job, which had me curious, but could not pass up an IPA, which is my default Ale.

The local beers come from St Austell’ Brewery, Cornwall, and I can say the Proper Job is proper brew and very hoppy indeed.

On the second round I asked our waitress for a “Proper Job”, to which she replied with a suggestive smile, “Sure, would you like anything else with that” which left me somewhat searching for a reply. I’ll the rest to your imagination.

The best beer in Cornwall

I had Mackerel pate with sourdough bread to start, very tasty and logical use of local resource. Indeed the menu proudly states the as much local produce is used as possible with a seasonal menu.

I had pan fried Hake with runner beans and brown shrimp curry. The fish was piping fresh, a delicate white fleshed fish and melted in the mouth. The curry sauce was a rather odd looking lime green colour and was too dilute to be classified curry. I guess with my Singapore palate, I was expecting a Yellow Curry with a gentle heat and sweetness of turmeric but tang of lemongrass or ginger to lift the dish. It would have worked well, if the curry was such. I would suggest they are over-working the fish dishes a bit and would do better to have them more simple.

Still, the Ferryboat Inn gets the nod from me, perfect spot and excellent service and appropriate food.

Well the sun is beating down although there’s a nice gentle breeze. We are off to the oyster farm up-river, a prelude to our huge rib of beef for dinner… Life is filling in time between meals…


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