Many bottles of wines Curtis Marsh shares why it's impossible to make up his mind when it comes to a favourite wine. Whenever I'm asked, "What is your favourite wine?" I reply, "The wine I haven't tried yet", emphasising that I gain the most pleasure in discovering new taste sensations. The fact is: I have a wandering palate for food and wine, greatly influenced ... read more >
Maison Trimbach Riesling 2005 Most Consistent and Best Quality - Price Rapport White Wine of the Year 2007 Winery Profile Twelve generations of Trimbachs have prevailed since 1626 over this pre-eminent Alsace house, an unbroken line unthinkable in the new world. The collaboration of time-honored knowledge and skills always impresses me. Maison Trimbach commands the greatest respect from fine wine lovers universally. Their Clos ... read more >
Neudorf geese, New Zealand Directly following the New Zealand Pinot Noir Celebration 2010 in February this year, I attended the Nelson Aromatics Symposium, staying with the Finns at Neudorf Vineyard. I was met at the airport by Richard Flatman, who had just left Two Paddocks in Central Otago to join the Neudorf team. Flatman is one of the most passionate organic and biodynamic viticulture ... read more >
Who said white wine doesn’t go with beef! Thai beef salad using Wagyu Rump - paired with Margaret River 2008 Mount Horrocks Riesling - Clare Valley. Whilst the tail end of summer is still with us for the most part of Asia and the northern hemisphere, or forever summer in the tropical regions, one of my favourite Thai-inspired dishes is ... read more >
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Great wines are hopefully always enigmatic and there are some real gems to be discovered among the 2006 German Rieslings. While there is a preoccupation with debating the merits of dry or sweet Rieslings, the international consumer has predominantly maintained an orthodox view of German Riesling with a preference for the richer lateharvest styles, particularly the exceptional and unique qualities ... read more >
A remarkable evolution has created one of the most modern and stylish producers in the Clare Valley. Stephanie Toole's commitment is apparent in everything she does: in winemaking she is uncompromising and intuitive, in business she is dedicated and conscientious. In the 14 years since buying Mount Horrocks, Toole has cultivated improvement after improvement. Where there was once just a ... read more >
New Zealand, French and Australian wines appeared at the table of a recent royal birthday party. Curtis Marsh goes behind the scenes.? Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her Birthday on June 17th, although you would hardly identify Her Majesty as an octogenarian, with her ageless demeanor and commanding charisma. In her Birthday address, the Queen quoted Groucho Marks, “Anyone can ... read more >