With the vintage in New Zealand drawing closer, Sam Weaver at Churton in Marlborough reported in correspondence to me, “The vineyard is looking great (see picture), we had a very good fruit set which was then followed by a much wetter, earlier summer than normal. This has led to very healthy looking vines and vineyards. Very good fruit set and ... read more >
Most Auspicious Wine for Chinese New Year 2011 Year of the Rabbit! The Wandering Palate has gone lunar! Notwithstanding I reside in Asia, the nucleus of my ideologies revolve around a back to nature approach with wine, food and the environment – sustainable, organic and biodynamic principals that revolve around the lunar calendar, its roots in ancient feng shui and ... read more >
The Wandering Palate is heading to our Melbourne residence for the festive season and preparations for the Christmas day feast are already well in hand. Priority of course is procuring the appropriate turkey, and I can tell you after enduring a commercial frozen turkey from the USA for the last three years here in Singapore, we are looking forward to ... read more >
With onset of the southern hemisphere summer the mood in this half of the world is swinging towards fresh, crisp whites and rose. The surge in popularity of rose is underpinned by the increasing number of genuine wines made in a drier style moreover, from dedicated vineyards and undergoing brief skin contact to achieve their colour, as opposed to just ... read more >
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Best Bordeaux Recipe, Barrel-Fermented Semillon Sauvignon Blanc of Year Winery Profile With a bevy of praiseworthy wineries, contention over the pecking order of Margaret River labels is constant and subjective. However, a small producer called Arlewood is materializing as the sleeper of the region and making infinitely more complex and refined white wines in the Graves style. ... read more >
Establishing the criteria for the best-value white wine producer of the year, encompassing both the new and old worlds, is not about identifying the best cheapest white wine on the market. Rather, it is about price-quality rapport, consistency of quality, distinctiveness, synergy in the Asian market and how it compares on the world wine stage. Mitchell Watervale Riesling over-delivers in ... read more >
1978 Chateau Leoville Las Cases, France Our Wandering Palate wanders down to the cellar – the merits of off-vintages from top Bordeaux Chateau. A Chateau Leoville Las Case wine dinner held recently by the Singapore wine merchant Hermitage wines highlights the virtues and intrinsic worth of less-exalted vintages from a producer with impeccable standards. As some of my readers will know, I am not exactly enamoured ... read more >
Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis 2007 France Back on the chardonnay crusade however, a diversion from the new world to the old world, and to a region that many wine enthusiasts believe is the purest, most pristine expression of the chardonnay grape and par example of terroir – Chablis. Indeed, it almost impossible to mistake Chablis as anything else, such is the redolence of the soil in ... read more >
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Two Paddocks Pinot Noir 2006, New Zealand It’s a big call, nailing the single wine of the year that was most impressionable amongst so many good bottles moreover, an ever-increasing myriad of high quality, relatively more approachable wines produced around the globe. However, this is wine that stimulated my sensory core, viscera and thoughts most in terms of complexity, compelling quality and sheer enjoyment. It was my ... read more >
Côtes du Rhône Rouge Belleruche 2005 Southern Rhone Valley, France The quintessential BBQ red wine of the year. If you’re like me when it comes to the BBQ, neither the apparatus nor the chef seem to function adequately without a glass of red in a free hand. The enticing, smoky incense of broiling pork cutlets or sirloin tease the olfactory senses in the direction of a wholesome red. It might ... read more >