Isobel - at Cwmglyn Farmhouse Cheese [caption id="attachment_10564" align="alignleft" width="292"] Isobel - at Cwmglyn Farmhouse Cheese[/caption] Picked up a big chunk of the rarest cheese on the planet for a party we throwing at our house tomorrow night, the Cwmglyn Farmhouse Cheese "Isobel", a Single-Cow Cheese! Pronounced coom-glin this has to be the best cheese in all New Zealand and right up there in the ... read more >
Vintage Thanksgiving Chatting with my American friend yesterday on the ritual of Thanksgiving, I asked her if Goose was ever on the menu for Thanksgiving. She looked at me in bemusement, “Oh no, that’s very English, we don’t do Goose”. Curious I thought, given Thanksgiving is rooted in English tradition and Henry VIII, a man who sure knew how to celebrate – ... read more >
Pohutakawa (Small) It's the Pōhutukawa tree that does it for me... our very own Christmas Tree Where else on the planet would there be a tree that speaks to me, and understands I have been 28 years at sea. I thought I was destined to roam, but as it turned out I found my way home. To Wellington, the great harbour of ... read more >
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Zerotasking jpeg Just love the card my daughter gave me for my birthday... ... read more >
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Yilgarnia logo 2012_2 Yilgarnia Wines, a tiny and award-winning boutique winery in Denmark, Western Australia, will be our special host at Merchants Wine Cellar’s next Dinner with the Winemaker. Peter Buxton, owner of Yilgarnia Wines, will be hand-carrying a bounty of Great Southern Seafood – freshly caught Snapper, Prawns, Oysters and Calamari from South Western Australia for a 5-course feast paired with Yilgarnia’s ... read more >
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