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Back To Singapore

Back to the Future

“It would be doubly remiss to not remark further on the incursion to Singapore, but Monsieur Blog has been hoping for more documentary evidence in the form of photos.

Anyway, as orchestrated by Curtis Marsh, Wandering Menace of Eastern Parts…”


Singapore Nights

Two Paddocks Nights

Back to Singapore, it would be remiss not to report on some great highlights. On the Monday night, The Wandering Palate, Gunner Marsh, and The Proprietor reported for duty at Coriander Leaf at 1830 hours. Here the wonderful Samia Ahad cooked an exquisite Moroccan TP banquet for a large table of some of Singapore’s leading sommeliers

Follow the link to read more on Sam Neill’s visit to Singapore and the events organised by the Wandering Palate…

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Back To Singapore – Back to the Future (Sam Neill’s Blog)
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