Our man in Spain, that is at ‘A Taste of Spain’, Miguel Ullibarri, has an inexhaustible passion for food which appears to extend and “Loves curry and Asian food in general”. Having received a jar of the famous Duck Run Nonya curry, Miguel could not wait to track down a Chinese lacquered roast duck and plunged straight into a chicken ... read more >
Sifting through photos I took on my recent trip to New Zealand and visit to Ruth and Paul Pretty’s marvellous property on the Kapiti Coast just north of Wellington, www.ruthpretty.co.nz I came across a couple of pictures of Paul cooking a remarkable breakfast. I say remarkable not just to compliment the cook - although he could do with a bit ... read more >
I'm a recovering lawyer. Been in the game for nearly forty years. There, I've come out with it, and I feel a lot better. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate was in good form demonstrating ‘Wife’s Legendary Duck Curry’ at the eponymous Ruth Pretty Cooking School, expanded to the full duck banquet and paired with some fabulous pinot noirs from Paul Pretty’s cellar. ... read more >
California’s decision to ban foie gras (a decision upheld on July 18th, meaning that appeals for rejection of the ban must now wait until the end of August) have ruffled duck feathers in south-west France.  ... read more >
When I left Australia in 2004, Victoria Bitter (VB) was the most popular beer, and Crown Lager is what we drank when we wished to be posh. Beer drinking was a simple uncomplicated pastime – at the cricket, at the footy, at a BBQ or on the wood, it lubricated conversation in a gathering of men. It created courage, stupidity ... read more >
Our Melbourne correspondent, Andrew Jenkins, is on the trail of dry cider in Australia and discovers a particularly good vintage 2011 up in Harcourt. ... read more >
The Wandering Palate’s Duck Run is migrating to New Zealand where I will conduct a duck curry - duck banquet cooking class at the legendary Ruth Pretty Cooking. ... read more >
More Duck Run as the Wandering Palate gears up for a New Zealand migration conducting a duck curry cooking class at the legendary Ruth Pretty Cooking school, here is the updated recipe, pairing to Kiwi Pinot Noir.  ... read more >
Our Melbourne correspondent, Andrew Jenkins, investigates the bourgeoning Cider and Perry consumption in Australia, moreover is making some of his own with favourable results, least the local possums think so. ... read more >
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