The Wandering Palate Cambodia correspondent, Darren Gall, puts out the fire of spice in his mouth with the requisite wines. "The year was 1968. We were on recon in a steaming Mekong Delta. An overheated private removed his flak jacket, revealing a t-shirt with an iron-on sporting the Mad slogan "Up with miniskirts!" Well, we all had a good laugh, ... read more >
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Reuters Life! - The analogy of David and Goliath seemed fitting for this vinous account as many are familiar with the legend and the substance of message in the outcome. Metaphorically speaking, The Valley of Elah is Singapore. The Israelites David is represented by modest wine producers at relatively user-friendly prices (sub S$100 per bottle) facing the Philistines mighty Goliath, ... read more >
Reuters Life! - When it comes to enjoying wine with bold Asian cuisines there really are no rules - and certainly no room for the traditional notion of whites with seafood and reds with meat. Show me any wine and I will find an element of spice or herb infused within it. That is my unequivocal reply to the incessantly ... read more >
...mintiness with peaches and strawberries ...a chocolate smokiness with leathery insinuations ...hessian ...apes and peacocks ...and a faint, elusive yet startling aroma of wine...” - Michael Leunig, cartoonist Thus describes the bewilderment, exasperation and downright skepticism expressed by uninitiated imbibers when it comes to decoding wine tasting notes (including my own). What is the point of all this concocted jargon ... read more >
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