Wine Ratings The clinical and somewhat erroneous methods of scoring or rating wine does not take into account the human factor, not only dysfunctional to its pleasures, but unfairly disqualifying otherwise perfectly agreeable wines. Yet, how else does the novice wine consumer or enthusiast alike, wade through an overwhelming glut of hype? Curtis Marsh explores this polemic. ... read more >
Irregularities On The World Wine Stage Curtis Marsh examines the prejudices and misconceptions that distort wine opinion around the world, and how these attitudes are influencing consumers in Asia. There are many inconsistencies on the world wine stage when it comes to perceived wine quality, popularity (or unpopularity) of particular grape varieties, wine styles, regions or even entire countries. Sometimes, these anomalies have a rational explanation, ... read more >
Wine Cork One barrel of wine, it has been said, can work more miracles than a church full of saints. But not if it’s been left out in the sun. At a recent dinner party at an exclusive Singapore restaurant, the proprietor enthusiastically encouraged a choice from a selection of air-freighted and expensive wines. ... read more >
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Dom Perignon Champagne This incredible Champagne collection spans more than three decades and includes well over a hundred of the best bubblies produced between 1979 and 2002. Among the many highlights are multiple vintages of Krug and Krug Clos du Mesnil, ten vintages of Dom Perignon, plus a horizontal of the great 1996s from Billecart Salmon! ... read more >
OTU in World of Sauvignon Blanc No longer delimited to the Loire Valley, France or Marlborough, New Zealand, almost the entire wine-world is now producing Sauvignon Blanc and the whole world is willingly drinking it. Curtis Marsh comes out of the closet in defence of this greatly maligned variety. Since early Roman times, the wider popularity of grape varieties has been largely determined by its ability ... read more >
Cambodia's Newspaper of Record Many colleagues today bemoan that we are losing our true winemaking artisans to a kind of oenological 'industrial revolution', where wines are made in labs, by recipe, to satisfy 'target consumers', 'market profiles' and 'Wine Critics' (gate-keepers as they are referred to by trade insiders). The result being that all we may end up with is a universal mouth-wash so ... read more >
The Chateau La Lagune, France Red Bordeaux en primeur 2007, an underappreciated, early drinking, mid-term cellaring vintage for devotees, not investors. En Primeur or wine futures has its logic, after all we are dealing with the most collectable wine in the world, the consumer pays upfront, supposedly at a discount to the projected market price, taking title of an unfinished wine that they will receive ... read more >
When buying wine in Asia, the first question you should be asking your merchant is: How do you transport and store your wine? Many consumers are unaware that wine is a perishable product, a ‘living thing’ that undergoes a delicate, continuous transformation of chemistry and integration of organisms. Even those who are acquainted with wine often disregard these facts, believing ... read more >
The noble sweet wines from Sauternes and Barsac in Bordeaux, France are not only underappreciated for their extraordinary complexity but are also misunderstood as being less than versatile! One of nature’s miracles and an aberration in viticulture is a peculiar mould that transforms the otherwise tart and shy white grape, Semillon, to nectar of unparalleled concentration of exotic fruits, honeyed ... read more >
The Wandering Palate’s UK correspondent, Alistair Scott considers the gratifyingly tangible aspects of a good old fashion,, family-run local wine merchant. So, what makes a great wine shop…or off-licence or bottle shop if you prefer? What is it that works best for you as a wine buyer? When the door bell pings and you look inside the store, what excites ... read more >