Five Decades of Wendouree

Wendouree is my favourite Australian booze. I have eagerly collected it all my wine drinking life. So when it was my chance to host our groups annual wine dinner, it was an apt opportunity to dig into that Wendouree collection and present five decades of these marvellous cuvees. Wendouree surely delivered … and as per usual, so did Scopri – – Anthony, Alison and chef Salvatore bring passion and precision to dinner. Read More >

Beer Before Wine is Fine

When I left Australia in 2004, Victoria Bitter (VB) was the most popular beer, and Crown Lager is what we drank when we wished to be posh. Beer drinking was a simple uncomplicated pastime – at the cricket, at the footy, at a BBQ or on the wood, it lubricated conversation in a gathering of men. It created courage, stupidity and humour. It celebrated victories and consoled losses. Read More >

Scopri Sagra Della Porchetta

Our Wandering Palate Melbourne correspondent, Matt Wilson, pigs out, and that’s literally, at his favourite Melbourne restaurant, Scopri. Makes you want to get on plane right away… rustic, hearty food in the Melbourne winter. Make sure you scroll down right to the end of the article to see some truly tantalizing pork pictures. Read More >

Grower Bubbles Pei Modern

My appreciation of “grower” champagne began whilst living in Singapore. Henry Hariyono, Artisan Cellars – introduced me to the wonders of REAL champagne – terrior expression and low/no dosage. Read More >

Mushroom Madness on the Mornington Peninsula (Southern Victoria, Australia)

Our Wandering Palate Melbourne correspondent, Matthew Wilson, goes mushroom hunting down on the Mornington Peninsula armed with a bucket load of local pinot noir. Read More >

Flavours Abound at the Flinders Hotel

In the middle of autumn there is nothing better than venturing down to the Mornington Peninsula for the weekend. Read More >

Barcelona Bathes in Beirut

Our Wandering Palate Melbourne correspondent, Matthew Wilson, seeks refuge in the Spanish oasis Movida Aqui, in the culinary desert of Melbourne’s ‘Beirut’ Quarter. Read More >

Books for Cooks … a cornucopia of culinary catalysts

Our Wandering Palate Melbourne correspondent, Matthew Wilson, finds himself in gourmet nirvana and arguably the best Cookbook store in the World. Read More >

Four Suits at PM 24

Our intrepid, lionhearted gastronome, Matthew Wilson, finds congenial compotation and wholesome classic French cooking suits – Suits. Read More >

Five Decades of Barolo and Barbaresco

One of our true Wandering Palates, Matthew Wilson, finds himself buried in Barolo and Barbaresco spanning 50 years with an intoxicating melange of history, the intriguing nuances of aged wines and great Italian food, Melbourne style. Read More >

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