The Golfer’s Palate – Andrew Cormie
The Golfers Palate - Send us your picture in your most fashionable golf attire

There’s much more to golf than improving your swing and perfecting putting. Yes, there’s always that primal instinct of sport – the challenge and exhilaration of competition, whether you’re watching or playing. Then there are those who simply enjoy a hit, inhaling the fresh air, soaking up the scenery, exercising the body and brain – socialising, eating… drinking. In absoluteness, the ultimate day of golf goes beyond the greens to which this column observes the neurological receptors, the gustatory and olfactory senses of both amateur and professional golfers all over this planet. We take a cross section of the golfer’s stomach and we probe the visual, the tactile, the fine motor controls of pleasure, going where no golfing publication has been before, right to the dopamine receptors and intestines of – the Golfer’s Palate. Read More >

Cutting out eating could lengthen your lifespan, Wandering Palate study finds
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), as they officially known

It irritates me greatly when News Channels and Newspapers seize upon ground-breaking studies that will purportedly change our lives, possibly ‘lengthen’ or maybe even save or our lives? Read More >

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The Wandering Palate Weight Gain Program

What a week! There are times when occupational hazard takes one to the absolute extremes of gastronomic limits. Nothwithstanding my considerable capacity – in all respects of consumption and girth – last week was testing the boundaries. Read More >

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A Taste of Spain
San Sebestian - Spain

I was recently inspired by a brilliant article at the hand of Paul Richardson, in the Financial Times, “Pork on the wild side – A gastronomic tour devoted to ibérico ham includes watching a traditional pig-slaughtering fiesta” Read More >

Sauvignon Blanc Saved: Geoff Weaver Wines, Lenswood
Lenswood Vineyard - Painted by Geoff Weaver

There is a Tsunami of Sauvignon Blanc in the Australian marketplace, and an awful lot of what is available gives the grape a bad name. Thin, weedy wines, where vague fruit and harsh acid bifurcate on entry, leaving the fruit wandering about aimlessly, while the acid separately hits the middle of the chest like a liquid heart attack. Read More >

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Shalom Chin Rhone Valley Blog – Part 6 – The Tales of Two Terriors – Tavel & Lirac
The tasting room at Domaine de la Mordoree

Final part of the Rhône series

My journey in the Southern Rhône comes to an end at Tavel and Lirac – two towns which are a mere six minutes from each other. There is always more to expound about the riches of the Rhône, such as the areas of Luberon, the Ventoux and the Vaucluse. Domaine Faverot, Domaine de la Citadelle and Domaine de Tara are producers I would recommend for those who are interested in getting a taste of the diversity of the South of South. The flavour profiles there remind me of the punchiness of South Australian wines. However, those finer details would be better-suited for a story in the future. My focus is on Tavel and Lirac. Read More >

Kimchi back-blast, Hunting Elephants and thinking of Don Quixote

It would appear that the Kimchi Project Banggwi is far more potent than North Korean space technologists realized with the stage one Jangdokdae blowing the whole rocket to pieces. Rumours (and odours) coming from the North Korea underground nuclear test site suggest that the Banggwi technology is being adapted to uranium enrichment to develop the Mother of all Weapons of Mass Discomfort (MOWOMD). Read More >

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Neudorf Dinner at Hilton – Orchard Road – Singapore
Neudorf vineyard

One of my favourite New Zealand vignerons, Tim and Judy Finn, from Neudorf Vineyards in Moutere, Nelson, are in Singapore to host a wine dinner being held at the Hilton on Orchard Road. Read More >

New Zealand Red Wine of the Year – Mount Edward Pinot Noir – Central Otago
Mount Edward Morrison Pinot Noir

3 Individual Vineyard Cuvees from the 2009 Vintage:

Morrison Vineyard – Lowburn

Muirkirk Pinot Noir – Bannockburn

Stevens Vineyard – Gibbston Read More >

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Advanced Wild Fermented Kimchi Booster-Phase main concern in North Korean Rocket Technology

“Little Joseon, little Joseon, let me come in.”
“No, no, not by the hair on my ICBM.”
“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your Imperialistic House in.”

Read More >

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