The Old World Meets the New World of Pinot Noir

Legendary Central Otago pioneer and winemaker Alan Brady came through Singapore recently, the Wandering Palate having the pleasure of tasting through his Wild Irishman wines – if missed that one, go to

Brady was actually on a stopover, on his way to Italy and travelling through Umbria and Tuscany, to which I encouraged him to visit Giovanni Manetti at Fontodi, who makes a very respectable pinot noir – yes in the heart of Chianti. Brady did visit Fontodi and sent me this picture of he and Manetti in the vineyard – “The old world meets the new world of pinot noir”.

The Old World meets New World of Pinot Noir - Alan Brady with Giovanni Manetti in the Fontodi vineyards, Chianti

By Curtis Marsh | On the Wine Route |