[caption id="attachment_7539" align="alignleft" width="310" caption="Top Gun Sommelier – Lean Mean Service Machine – The Wandering Palate Circa 1988 - all of 25 years old, bravodo and people skills were the required skillset in those days"][/caption] The Wandering Palate Circa 1988 at Jacques Reymond’s restaurant, Melbourne, Sommelier that evening for the Single Bottle Club Dinner and James Halliday’s 50th Birthday, having ... read more >
What a difference a day makes. Awaking this morning in Singapore to the Straits Times headlines "Hefty stamp duty hike targets foreign buyers”, spelling out “Additional 10% tax from today a bid to cool housing market”, will most certainly put paid to Singapore’s second national sport of flipping condos, that is after the first national sport of eating. ... read more >
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