"I am intrigued by wines from marginal climates such as Valtellina, beautiful wines from Ar.Pe.Pe for example, their Sassella Valtellina Superiore and the Inferno Valtellina are amazing..." Jasper Kok, Sommelier at The Sanchaya Estate, Bintan ... read more >
Papaya Flower – Manadonese Cuisine Provincial Indonesian Food by Petty P Elliot Having recently met Indonesian food writer, Petty P Elliot, my curiosity in Indonesian cuisine and culture has been reawakened, moreover enlightened and fascinated with her book, ‘Papaya Flower, Manadonese cuisine Provincial Indonesian food’, inciting a compulsion to discover more on this (undiscovered) cuisine. ... read more >
Sarong Restaurant spices, Bali The essence of contemporary Bali mojo, Sarong Restaurant – Bar – Lounge, where the mood invigorates the food. There’s no question you can eat well in Bali, with a multitude of resorts, hotels, restaurants and eateries constantly adapting to the pulse of capricious tourists. For many holidaymakers it’s simply an issue of sustenance, preferably from a horizontal position. ... read more >