The House of Roosevelt, Shanghai: Wednesday Wine Nights

If you are in Shanghai on any Wednesday, as a tourist, on a work trip or as a local, The House of Roosevelt will give you much more than a taste of Shanghai hospitality and warmth. You will get an entrée into the fast growing world of wine, which simply never stops in this bourgeoning city.

Wine nights are an institution here, and every Wednesday you can find a wine event dedicated to some theme; it may be Australia’s Yarra Valley premier winery Yering Station, or Italy’s Tuscan Frescobaldi, or even a selection of the Roosevelt’s own Bordeaux which has been carefully blended and selected to meet the exact standards of the Roosevelt’s sommeliers. Having had the Margaux and Pomerol, plus the entry level Cru Bourgeois, these wines are complex, robust, dense and fruit driven, and all are great examples of their terroir.

Food comes with the wine offerings, but we have to say it is below par and completely unremarkable. We suggest that a simple offering of cured meats, olives and some various cheeses paired with breads and grissini would do wonders for the overall value and sophistication of these events. Simple to arrange; minimal handling; yet this food complements most wine styles.

Having said that, The House of Roosevelt hosts Shanghai’s largest collection of wine; it is an imposing building smack bang on the Bund, and reeks of history and elegance. A Wednesday evening here with friends, or even on one’s own will capture an unforgettable Shanghai experience. Better still if they improve the food!

House of Rosevelt


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