Wandering Palate Website Crash due to Traffic Overload!

Greetings and my apologies if you had difficulties when visiting the Wandering Palate website the other day; my webserver has now fixed the problem—which turned out to be an overload of traffic—a nice problem to have. We now have more grunt in the engine and hopefully enough to handle an exponential growth in viewers with another record month in October—771,036 hits—and with 2 days to go 800,000 hits looks achievable and on course for our target of 1 million hits per month by Christmas.

We are also upgrading the website with new subsections and the hugely popular “Sommelier’s Palate” now has its own category, having been amalgamated with “Restaurants” before. But the big news is the launch of a new section and column, “The Chefs Palate”, exploring the gustatory manifestations of chefs, dissecting their stomachs and intestines to reveal what and where they eat. Carving through their ego, chefs relent to the Wandering Palate narcosynthesis and confess to their personal eating pleasures, indulgencies and closely-held secrets.

And assuredly bringing the website crashing down again with massive traffic overload, is the Wandering Palate’s “Best of the Year 2013” roundup, beginning right now with the “Best Meal of the Year 2013 – Martin Bosley’s Yacht Club Restaurant, Wellington, New Zealand” – click here for article

Just back from New Zealand and a wonderful few days at Ruth and Paul Pretty’s on the sunny Kapati Coast, spring is in full bloom and nature awakening from winter… as was this resident Aylesbury duck and its newly hatched ducklings.

Wishing you a good run up to Christmas…start planning on that roast turkey or goose now.

Cheers Curtis

resident Aylesbury duck and its newly hatched ducklings at Ruth & Paul Pretty's Springfield Property

resident Aylesbury duck and its newly hatched ducklings at Ruth & Paul Pretty’s Springfield Property

By Curtis Marsh | Media Gallery |