Salomon Winery - recorking Day 17: 13/10/2011 - Another Cold Spell There wasn’t much going on today due to the sudden return of the rainy weather. It was freezing cold. Temperature has dropped to seven degrees. In fact, weather was so bad, none of the pickers worked today so they were put on bottling duties. Over at our end, we decided to take some ... read more >
Sugarloaf Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Villa Russiz Sauvignon - Collio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 2010 Sugarloaf Ridge Sauvignon Blanc – Hobart, Tasmania As we wing our way from Melbourne to Singapore the wine list on SQ228 has me corned into a sauvignon blanc... a Tinpot 2008 from Marlborough purported to be “atypical as the grapes are predominantly from Blind River in the Awatere Valley which ... read more >
Pegasus Bay New Zealand Paul Donaldson, of the clan that founded and owns Pegasus Bay will be in town shortly. He is the youngest of the 4 sons, and returned from overseas to work for the company at the beginning of 2005. After being raised on the Vineyard and in the Winery he moved into a career in finance, before completing an MBA degree ... read more >
Yellow berries on left vs green on right and some purple Day 16: 11/10/2011 The Rain is gone! Today is a beautiful day. I know I said that last week but after 5 days of rain, it was good to see the sun was up, the sky was blue and the chill was gone. There was nothing much going on today except for 10 bins of Riesling from the kögl vineyard ... read more >
The Wandering Palate is wandering again, this time in Melbourne, Australia. We were greeted with a beautifully warm 30 degree, sunny day on arrival although a little blustery with a hot northerly fanning the air. Mind you, this changed soon enough, as it does in Melbourne, and it’s now a wet decidedly cooler 16 degrees, and falling. ... read more >
Markowitsch Pinot Noir Reserve Must-Have Wines of the Lunar Year 2010 (A retrospective of standouts in the year of the tiger) Best Discovery of the Year – Markowitsch Reserve Pinot Noir 2004 If there is any sort of ascendency to my passion for wine, I would say discovery is the pinnacle. This goes hand in hand with the question constantly asked of me, “What ... read more >
Salomon Winery - loading the press Shalom's vintage experience continues although bad weather has meant a halt to picking so he has had a few days off, hence not day 13 or 14 reoprt, but here's day 15... in a wet and cold Austria ... read more >
Salomon winery - clay ferment vessels to be put underground Day Twelve: 07/10/2011 Rain, rain, Go away! The cold has set in and the miserable weather has begun. This is the first dark and gloomy day I had in Austria since arriving here two weeks ago. Temperature was as predicted, which was 12 degrees Celsius. ... read more >
Villa Maria wine dinner Singapore Dinner with Villa Maria’s Charlotte Read Table at 7 - Wednesday 19th October, from 7.30 pm - $132++ MENU Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Canapés Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling 2010 Boston lobster salad with white asparagus & citrus confit yuzu dressing Villa Maria Cellar Selection Viognier 2010 Warm smoked ocean trout on daikon fresh wasabi & chive ... read more >
From Left to Right - freerun - clear juice - juice with lees Day Eleven: Dry Ice Wonderland 06/10/2011 It was a very busy day. Early in the morning, a tanker filled with grape must rolled up at our doorsteps. The grape must has been bought to be used for the supermarket wines under another label. This wine will be sold in the UK and Poland. The must taste considerably of lesser quality ... read more >