REAL champagne - terrior expression and low/no dosage My appreciation of “grower” champagne began whilst living in Singapore. Henry Hariyono, Artisan Cellars - introduced me to the wonders of REAL champagne - terrior expression and low/no dosage. ... read more >
The Fairmont Peace Hotel from the rooftop looking out upon a most spectacular Spring night in Shanghai The Wandering Palate Shanghai correspondent toasts Sir George Fistonich and Villa Maria, New Zealand, 50th Anniversary in style. ... read more >
Do we put too much faith and credibility in Auction houses? Wine socialists will hardly feel any sympathy for the embarrassment of wealthy individuals obsessing with old and rare bottles of wine and being duped wholesale by a fraudulent pretender. However, there is some excellent intrigue in this article and the whole story, or debacle, has to be the perfect script for the ‘next’ wine movie; a worthy apologue full of ... read more >
Grand Cros Rose - Cotes de Provence As the adage goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." I have been trying to lead a horse to water, so to speak, for years now – that is convincing importers there is a market for Rosé here in Singapore. ... read more >
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Lenswood Vineyard - Painted by Geoff Weaver There is a Tsunami of Sauvignon Blanc in the Australian marketplace, and an awful lot of what is available gives the grape a bad name. Thin, weedy wines, where vague fruit and harsh acid bifurcate on entry, leaving the fruit wandering about aimlessly, while the acid separately hits the middle of the chest like a liquid heart attack. ... read more >
A genial atmosphere tasting English wines alfresco at the Wine Pantry Our Wandering Sommelier, Shalom Chin, investigates the English wine following the trail from the Wine Pantry at Borough Market and out into the field in Kent and Sussex. And he’s impressed with what he sees - read on... ... read more >
Beaucastel vines It’s not often that you will find the Wandering Palate lurking around the (Singapore) supermarket wine shelves, but sometimes out of curiosity I have a poke around to see what’s being stocked, invariably 90 percent of it completely pedestrian. ... read more >
Conti Costanti Rosso di Montalcino It’s been one of those lost days, not a difficult day or writer’s block, but just one of those days... we everything seems futile. The problem is I stupidly started watching the CNN coverage of the Republican Primary’s, and it cauterised my brain. ... read more >
Dug this out of the Wandering Palate picture files - Proprietor of Sugarloaf Ridge, Kristin Colville with Chef Curtis Stone and the Wandering Palate - Sugarloaf served up at the Singapore Sun Festival Julian Colville, proprietor of Sugarloaf Ridge rushed through Singapore recently, on-route to the Cool-Climate Conference in Tasmania. Yes, their vineyard is in Tasmania but career commitments have taken the family to Amsterdam for the present. ... read more >
Paul Jaboulet La Chapelle vineyard I have the dreaded flu. Actually, this is my second dose of it this month! Having just recovered from a mild bout, this one is lingering for over a week now, since a trip to Hong Kong, where I suspect a friend unintentionally passed on the said infliction. As flu’s go, I have had worse, although we males tend to ... read more >