Chianti Vineyard, Italy Away from the legions of tourists and frantic pace of florence, Curtis Marsh discovers the tranquillity of the medieval village of Panzano. Located in the heart of Chianti Classico, it‘s the perfect base for vineyard touring and gastronomic indulgence all year round. Visitors to Tuscany typically fall in love with the region. Instantly. It is easy to fall under the ... read more >
Mount Horrocks Cellar Door New Zealand, French and Australian wines appeared at the table of a recent royal birthday party. Curtis Marsh goes behind the scenes.? Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her Birthday on June 17th, although you would hardly identify Her Majesty as an octogenarian, with her ageless demeanor and commanding charisma. In her Birthday address, the Queen quoted Groucho Marks, “Anyone can ... read more >
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