Duncan Forsyth – Peking Duck and “The Day of Pigs”…

Duncan Forsyth, winemaker at Mount Edwards, Central Otago with our Wudang Swordsman Chef at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Here we are at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, yes for the second time this week, but it was imperative that I take Duncan Forsyth from Mount Edwards vineyard here, pictured with our Wudang Swordsman Chef.

And you too can experience this ambrosial Mallard experience in the exclusive company of the Wandering Palate and 12 top New Zealand winemakers, namely the Family of Twelve familyofXII@xtra.co.nz at an outrageously lavish Chinese Banquet at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck on Friday Nov 2nd, full details at http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/?p=7309

And further mandatory reading:

New Zealand Red Wine of the Year – Mount Edward Pinot Noir – Central Otago http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/?p=5978

Reflecting on Best Meals and Restaurant in the Year of the Rabbit – Part 2 – Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck – Surely the best Peking duck to be had in all Singapore – perhaps the world!



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