To Market – The Borough Market – London

New photos of the Borough Market posted, keep visiting this artcile for more pictures…

There is no place more satisfying for the Wandering Palate than fresh food farmer markets. This is where my ideology and stomach meet, “Life is filling in time between meals…”

The Borough Market - London

Walking into a market is like a drug rush for me, with the kaleidoscope of colours and smells; food and produce in all directions, cramming the eyes and olfactory senses with a traffic jam of messages filling the temporal lobe and sparking the hippocampus to dig out all those wonderful sensations of taste, textures, odours, and flavours and conjuring up menus.

The biggest problem I have at markets is buying too much. I simply want it all, and in place like the Borough Market, I go mad, like an addict or sort of food kleptomaniac.

What’s worse is I’m only visiting London and our room at the Waldorf Hilton is somewhat lacking a kitchen and hardly the place to be cooking up a feast.

Borough Market - "Arrgh man's got have his beans" - Alistair Scott

There is some conciliation in that we are meeting our good friend Alistair Scott, who lives in Highgate, London, so we can load him up with a few months’ supplies. Alistair is a big foodie and loves his wine too, writing the occasional piece for the Wandering Palate. He’s also a very talented actor…

Anyway, so here we are at the renowned Borough Market, a place where people have been selling produce that they grow and rear since the 13th Century to this day. The emphasis and strategic difference here being you know exactly where your produce is coming from and can talk to the stall owners on provenance, suppliers and quality.

With the renaissance and resurgence of good local produce and English cooking, the Borough market has bourgeoned over the last decade and now has over 130 individual stalls selling flowers, fruits and vegetables, bakers, pâtissiers, chocolatiers and confectioners, butchers and fishmongers, cheese makers, fromageries and delicatessens, along with an extraordinary and ever-growing variety of artisan produce.

Then there are the cafes and restaurants, and the whole vibrant buzz of people meeting, eating, foraging; the pulse and stomach of a cosmopolitan megacity.

It will take me, well a lifetime probably, to get through all the stalls and artisan produce at Borough Market, but you have got to start somewhere, so here are some pictures and impressions, that will keep building over time.

Even better, would be to hear from you, the frequent forager at the Borough Market and tell us about your favourite stalls, those secret suppliers and the vital nuances on rare and special produce. Leave a comment, or email us on

Good coffee is the artery of any food market, keeping bleary-eyed works and shopper alike in a state of consciousness. If you are like me, you cannot operate without a decent coffee first thing in the morning and there is nothing more reassuring than the smell of freshly roasted beans to inspire a good foraging around the market.

Alistair comes all the way from Highgate for the Manmouth coffee alone, pronouncing it the best he has come across in all London. High praise indeed, and although I have do not have extensive London coffee experience, I will agree with him from my experience here.

Borough Market - Monmouth Coffee Shop

Borough Market - Monmouth Coffee shop

Keep scrolling down for many market pictures inspiring hunger:

Borough Market - Patisserie next to Monmouth

Borough Market - Inside Patisserie next to Monmouth

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Shop Area

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchers

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Pork Pies

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Pork Leek & Mustard Pie

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Chicken & Ham Pie

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Merguez Sausages

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Mixed Sausages

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Smoked Bacon

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Spring Lamb Racks

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Lamb Shoulder

Borough Market - Ginger Pig 45 Day Old Aged Rump

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Fresh Farm Eggs

Borough Market - Ginger Pig Butchery Free Range Eggs

Borough Market - Hayley Enjoying Strawberry Sorbet

Borough Market - Jamon

Borough Market - More Jamon

Borough Market - Bread stall

Borough Market - English Muffins

Borough Market - Hot Ginger Boys

Borough Market - Potted Bread

Borough Market - Potted Bread

Borough Market - Potato Merchants Since 1875

Borough Market - Fresh fish straight off the boat in Sussex

Borough Market - Oysters & Clams

Borough Market - Artisan Chocolate Brownie

Borough Market - Apple Tart

Borough Market - Cheese & Salami

Borough Market - Cheese & Salami

Borough Market - Cheese

Borough Market - Cheese stall owner

Borough Market - Buffalo Mozzarella

Borough Market - Buffalo Mozzarella

Borough Market - Prosciutto

Borough Market - What it's all about

Borough Market - Cannele de Bordeaux

Borough Market - Custard Pies

Borough Market - Apple Strudel

Borough Market - baguette

Borough Market - dried fruits

Borough Market - fishmonger

Borough Market - fresh duck

Borough Market - fruit stall

Borough Market - Heirloom tomato

Borough Market - Meringues

Borough Market - Noirmoutier Sea Salt

Borough Market - Noirmoutier Seas Salt with Seaweed

Borough Market - Noirmoutier Fleur de Sel

Borough Market - Northfield farm beef fillet

Borough Market - Unsalted Butter

Borough Market - Salted Butter


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