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In case you have not been following the ‘Duck Run’, the Wandering Palates recipe for Thai Duck Curry has been gaining momentum around the world with ducks ‘on the run’ all over the place.

What began as an approbation of Kai Schubert’s enormous capacity for our Thai duck curry and the subsequently posting of the secret recipe, the story continues as gourmands around the planet share their gluttonous pleasure at the Wandering Palates table or in their own kitchens cooking up the said duck curry.

In true form, bon vivant and culinary perfectionist, Nigel Greening, embarked on what was to be quite a complicated mission in getting hold of the very best Chinese lacquered duck in all New Zealand, read more on the antipodean duck run at:

Terry Chellappah - a man of considerable duck appetite

The indefatigable brand ambassador for Arlewood winery and Plan B Terry Chellappah camped at the Wandering Palate headquarters this week, stopping over for a few days in Singapore on his way to Holland and Finland, their biggest market for Plan B! red wines (freezing cold equals drink lots of red I guess).

Here he is about to devour our duck curry washed down with Trimbach Gewurztraminer, which I must say was a very good pairing, not quite up to the hedonistic pleasures of pinot noir, but certainly very harmonious and a refreshing white wine choice.

If you would like to join our growing list of gourmands and celebrities on the duck run, cooking up our duck curry using Bengawan Solo Nonya curry powder, we will be delighted to post to you a jar of this with the caveat you will document your cooking endeavour and send us pictures and comments for posting on the Wandering Palate website.

Send me your postal details to

Link to Thai Duck Curry recipe


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