Thai Duck Curry – The Perfect Match

Preparing the Curry

Thai Duck Curry – (left) Cooking curry paste (right) add coconut milk to paste

Important – Do not let your curry boil at any time, always a low simmer otherwise the coconut milk will separate

  • Using your heavy casserole dish, adding a few slugs of olive oil, gently simmer 2 tablespoons of curry paste or powder, for around 2 or 3 minutes – NB sauté your onions in the oil first if using powder, then mix together (The amount of curry paste or powder will determine how intense/spicy you want the dish to be, so adjust to taste)
  • Add coconut milk and very gentling bring up to a simmer
  • Add Kaffir lime leaves, bending each leaf a little to release its flavours
  • Simmer the curry for 5 minutes tasting regularly and adding several slugs of the Thai fish sauce to taste. Likewise, add a few teaspoons of brown sugar which will give the curry a certain (hidden) sweetness and temper the spiciness. In essence, this is the variance in the dish, some days one seems to just get it better than others.
  • Add pineapple pieces, then place the pieces of duck in the casserole, immersing in the curry fully, turning the pieces a few times to ensure soaking up the curry, simmer for another 5 minutes or so with lid on. DO NOT BOIL. Turn off heat and leave for a few hours if you have time, otherwise serve immediately.
  • Cook baby Kai Lan in a pan with garlic, whilst the curry is simmering
  • If you have prepared the night before, bring the curry up to a gentle simmer. Likewise if it has been resting for a few hours – add the basil leaves just before transferring to a large white serving bowl and sprinkle a few leaves on top for garnish. Yes, it’s all that simple!

Thai Duck Curry – add in duck pieces and lime leaves

Thai Duck Curry – add in fresh pineapple

Thai Duck Curry – add in breast meat

Thai Duck Curry – final stage in pot

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