Polystyrene for Breakfast anyone!

The Wandering Palate Friday morning ritual, breakfast at my favourite Prata stall, Mohd Faisal Eating Stall – Ghim Moh Market stall 01-61, then a visit to Mr Chua, the best fishmonger in Singapore, http://www.thewanderingpalate.com/produce/singapores-best-fishmonger/ as we have friends coming over for dinner tonight, and I’m cooking spaghetti marina.

The Wandering Palates favourite Prata Stall - Mohd Faisal Eating Stall - Ghim Moh Market stall 01-61

The wild tigers prawns looked excellent, as did the gleaming milky white sotong, and I kilo of Lala clams will make for a tasty side dish, pan-fried in garlic and chilli. I already purchased New Zealand green lip mussels and Cloudy Bay surf claims, which are enormous by comparison and should make for good conversation alongside the Lala clams. All this leading to a piece on marinara soon…

But what struck me most on my visit to the Ghim Moh market, is witnessing a breakfast dish being served up in a polystyrene container, then placed in a red plastic back, carried by its recipient to eat a table no more than 10 metres from the stall.

I am completely dumbfounded at this seemingly habitual act, where stall operator and consumer are completely oblivious to the senseless waste they have just created, moreover the day has just began and it’s likely that this person will eat from polystyrene container again today.

And in all probability, hundreds of thousands of people will eat from polystyrene in Singapore today, creating tons and tons of completely unrecyclable and toxic waste, going up the chimney and ‘adding salt to the injury’, so to speak, with all that exists in the environment inhaling a cocktail of toxic chemicals, not to mention its core make-up, benzene, which is a known human carcinogen.

But what can we do?


Govt must drive change

“The prodigality of plastic and recklessness of food waste are worrying; moreover, what image are we projecting to the world?”


Ghim Moh Market - Needless, Senseless Waste


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