The Sommelier’s Palate – Mâitre Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc, Paris, France

 (pronounced suh-mal-‘yAy)

In Medieval Provençal times they were saumaliers, animal pack drivers who evolved during Middle French kingdom to become court officials charged with transportation of supplies. So what does a modern day Sommelier actually do? Well, Wikipedia outlines as such, “A sommelier or wine steward is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food matching. The most important work of a sommelier is in the areas of wine procurement, wine storage, wine cellar rotation, and expert service to wine consumers.” Read More >

The Paris Enigma

Paris July 2012 – Terry Chellappah, the Wandering Palate’s Western Australia correspondent reports on good, bad and ugly encounters in Paris. Read More >

Terry Chellappah on the wine route and totally enraptured with Burgundy

Our Wandering Palate West Australian correspondent, Terry Chellappah, has been wandering a long way from home, in England and France, but he’s back in Margaret River although his head in still in burgundy. Even though it sends pangs of yearn, he shares their gastronomic discoveries.

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Paris – A Room with a View – Shangri-La

A Room with a View

Reflecting on our recent trip to Paris and the increasingly topical issue of whether Paris is losing the edge to London. I would suggest neither has lost its edge indeed both are becoming even edgier and it’s now more of a situation where you can do both, in one trip.

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Best Bread in the World – Poilâne, Paris

Of course there is no such thing as ‘the’ best bread in the world. There’s fantastic bread all over the world however, Poilâne is definitely one of the best breads on this planet (along with Dench Bakery, in Melbourne and a must-visit when you are in Paris. And that’s exactly what the wandering palate did when holidaying in Paris back in July.

Actually, we were more intent on going for lunch at La Cuisine de Bar, the sandwich bar next door serving Poilâne’s bread, with an amazing selection of open-toasted sandwiches. The coffee is good here too, and that’s saying something for Paris.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Singapore-Paris-London, June 6th

The first phase of the summer holidays sees us on Singapore Airlines A380 to Paris. What a difference it is to fly in this jet albatross, even if we were in cattle class. A little advice, if you’re in economy try to get seats in the upperdeck, a small section at the rear of the cabin that is economy yet, somehow feels more intimate and well, less economy.

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