THE CLIMATE OF THE VINTAGE – Angelo Gaja on climate change in Italy

It is the change in the climate, characterized by long-lasting summer heat and lack of rainfall, which has caused the significant drop in the production of grapes in Italy’s 2012 vintage; for the same reason, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011 were low-production years as well. To this must now be also added the limited inventory of wine from previous vintage currently in the cellars of the wineries. In a short space of time, Italian wine has passed from a situation of perennial over-production to one of under-production. Read More >

The Broccoli Conspiracy

I’m not sure if it was broccoli or brussel sprouts that I hated more as a kid. Boiled to the point of going grey, as was the cooking technique of the day, all I can recall was a nauseating taste and practically gagging as my parents forced me to “Eat my greens”. Read More >

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