Geoff Weaver New Releases – August 2012

Geoff Weaver Adelaide Hills Riesling 2012 – pale lemony gold, green tinged; scents of lime blossom followed by intense fresh lime juice and minerally acid; long, pure and delicious. This will last and improve for 10 years and give increasing pleasure over the journey.

Geoff Weaver Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – pale, clear as a first water diamond; intense, long with guava and kiwi fruits, so pure and fresh. Benchmark Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

Geoff Weaver Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2010 – not a new release but on tasting again after nearly twelve months since my first review, the wine is singularly impressive still, with a lot of development to come; it’s all about complexity, subtlety with underlying power. One of Australia’s great Chardonnays.

Geoff Weaver Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2008 – I’m not sure yet about Adelaide Hills and Pinot Noir, but this wine has an earthy complexity and savoury length which is frankly very appealing. It’s ready now and a rewarding drink, in a market flooded with obvious fruit driven young Pinots.

As always these wines are beautifully made, well balanced, complex and expressive and a tribute to Geoff Weaver’s skills in vineyard and winery. They are distributed by Cellarhand ( in Australia and well represented in restaurant wine lists and retailers.

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