Fresh Produce Markets in the UK

I came across this excellent website when researching fresh food markets in Nottingham, England. Yes the Wandering Palate is going to be in Sherwood Forest – Glamping on a farmstay in Caunton, should be fun!

We will stop in Nottingham for the day taking in all the history and architecture, as well as visiting the Victoria Centre Market which I believe has been revamped although I can’t seem to find much detail on the web about the suppliers. One blog, back in 2010, points to the whole market being shut down, but I assume that was for the renovations to take place. My suspicions as the market may have gone downhill.

It’s difficult to know where the best shopping/produce is when it’s your first time in a place, so any tips on Nottingham and the region welcome.

I did come across what seems like an excellent butcher in Sherwood, J.T. Beedham’s butcher’s where Hungarian proprietor, Johnny Pusztai, has become a bit of a local hero as far as butchers go.

Having trouble finding a good artisan baker though… any suggestions?

Further reading on the Borough Market  “To Market – The Borough Market – London”

Borough Market - Ginger Pig


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